Why Pest Control Should Be Part of Regular Home Maintenance

As you check HVAC filters, search for leaks, reapply caulking, and perform other monthly home maintenance chores, are you remembering to check pest control off your list? Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t think about pest control until it’s too late. But pest control is meant to control pest activity, or prevent pests from ever becoming a problem. Preventing pests is much easier, and less expensive, than exterminating them, just as maintaining your water heater is much simpler than replacing it. Homeowners should include year-round pest control as part of their regular home maintenance to ensure a safe, comfortable home.

Why Perform Regular Pest Control?

To Keep Your Family Safe

Pests are a major health threat. Rodents in particular carry life-threatening diseases and are more common in the winter. Mosquitoes, the famous summer-time blood-sucking pests, are most active in warmer months. No matter the season, pests and their associated diseases are always a threat. Some bugs carry bacteria that can send your loved ones to the hospital, so it is always best to be prepared. Preventative pest control prevents these dangerous pests from threatening you or your loved ones.

To Protect Your Property

Termites, bed bugs, carpenter ants, and carpet beetles are just a few of the common property-destroying pests. Oftentimes, these pests go unnoticed until the damage they have caused is significant. Dealing with these types of pests means paying for complete extermination as well as replacing or repairing any property that has been damaged, leading to high costs. Frequent inspections can eliminate any potential threat of pest property damage.

To Save Money

Just as the cost of an oil change is much more affordable than replacing your car’s engine, so is preventative pest control much more affordable than extermination service. Choosing a reputable pest control company can also save you money in the long run. Saela offers a comprehensive pest control package that covers interior and exterior service, property barriers, rodent control, same-day service, free re-services, child and pet-friendly pest control products, background-checked and insured service specialists, and a full guarantee.

For Peace of Mind

Cleanliness and safety are the keys to a comfortable home. A creepy-crawling bug or hairy rodent scurrying around your kitchen floor can immediately rob you and your family of any sense of comfort. With preventative pest control, however, you can keep these instances down to a minimum and preserve your peace of mind. As a defender of public health, Saela is here to help you keep your house a safe haven.