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Eliminating pests can be like trying to control a flood with a sponge.

Are you fighting a losing battle with pests at your home or business? Has your home become a place of fear and stress instead of comfort and joy? Are your customers beginning to comment on the traces of insects or mice in your commercial space? It doesn’t have to be this way. With Saela, you can live a life without pests.

Our pest control protection program works long-term.

Many companies offer lower-quality services to attract people to buy. We care more about protecting you from pests long-term and will always provide a high-quality service at a great value that we back up with our Saela warranty.

Response Time

We know how inconvenient pests are, so we respond quickly and service within 24 hours.

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Product Quality

Quality comes first. We only use the most effective products and equipment available. Our quality will always be a leader in the industry.

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Knowledge & Training

Pests adapt, and our entomologist are actively improving our service and evolving our elite training program to keep our staff one step ahead.

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Sometimes companies put on a good show only for the first service. We provide the same high-quality service from the first to the hundredth service.

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Saela Warranty

We guarantee our work with free re-services. If pest activity returns between your scheduled services, we will come back for free.

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More pests covered

Our protection program keeps more than just your "easy" pests away. 29 of the most common household pests are covered in our program.

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Priority Customer Service

You are our priority, and we will do all we can to give you a great experience.

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We've performed over 3 million services, won awards, and have tens of thousands of great reviews from happy customers.

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We meticulously track each service through tablets and software to make sure your specific needs are met every time.

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Need service today or tomorrow? It's easy. We'll set it up in minutes.


Our experts can answer any questions you have about the service.


Over 80% of our customers are serviced within 24 hours of contacting us.


Relax at home while we perform the service. No need to leave.

We work hard to make your service one of the best in the country.

Part of the 5000 fastest growing companies in the nation

Part of the largest 100 pest control companies in the country


Pests adapt, but we have experienced entomologists on staff who know how to get rid of them.

Not every exterminator is the same.
At Saela, we do things differently.
Here’s how:

Our team of highly skilled and experienced pest control professionals is committed to keeping your property safe and free from pests. We know that each pest problem is unique, which is why we tailor our approaches to your specific needs. Our comprehensive inspections allow us to identify the root causes of infestations, ensuring that we not only address the visible symptoms but also prevent pests from coming back.

Human and Pet-Friendly Products

Our products and equipment are of the highest quality to ensure effective treatment. Still, the best part is that the products we use for pest control treatments are not dangerous to you, your family, customers, or pets. This means there’s no need to vacate the premises for treatments or shut down your business for days. Saela can complete treatments while you’re home or after business hours.

Saela: Your trusted shield against pests. We provide effective, eco-friendly pest control solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring a pest-free environment for peace of mind.

At Saela Pest Control, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service that exceeds your expectations. Your comfort and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we look forward to serving you with the utmost care and professionalism.

Associate Certified Entomologist on staff

There are countless types and species of common pests, and each one exhibits unique behaviors. These behaviors dictate how to best eliminate them from your property or place of business. To pinpoint the correct treatment methods, Saela has Associate Certified Entomologists on staff in every location.

24-hour response time

Once you realize pests are in your home or commercial space, you immediately want them gone. Saela provides 24-hour pest control, so you can leave the stress of pest infestations behind.

Why Is Pest Control Important?

Common Pests

Residential Services

Commercial Services

Trained and Experienced Service Specialists

How to Get Started

Why Is Pest Control Important?

Dealing with mice, mosquitoes, ants, and other pests in your home or business is more than just a nuisance — it can be dangerous. Bringing in a trusted exterminator is crucial in order to avoid the severe negative impacts of pests, such as:

Health Concerns

Pests can spread diseases, contaminate food, and leave victims with painful or dangerous bites and stings. Especially for pets, young children, the elderly, and the immunocompromised, pests can pose a very real threat to physical safety. The safety of your household and your business depends on effective pest control.


Living with pests can cause a steep deterioration in mental health. When you’re constantly looking over your shoulder or wondering when you’ll next spot a pest, enjoying your everyday life becomes difficult. No one deserves to live in fear. A reliable exterminator can help you reclaim a stress-free life.

Wasted time and money

Many people try to get rid of pests themselves. Unfortunately, every pest infestation is unique, and most require extensive training and specific treatments to resolve. Attempting to get rid of pests yourself can lead to a devastating waste of time and money. Plus, many pest extermination products found at hardware stores can pose serious health risks to those who breathe them in.


Especially in commercial settings, people are sensitive to pest sightings. Dealing with a pest infestation can quickly damage the reputation of your business. Besides your reputation, some pests, such as termites, can cause thousands of dollars in property damage if they are not quickly addressed.

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Common Pests

We treat all kinds of commons pests, including:

Call today and set up your service appointment to take care of your pest problems!

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Residential Services

Your home should be your safe space and your sanctuary. Homes are meant for relaxation and making memories with loved ones — not for fear and stress. Sadly, pests can quickly turn your dream home into a nightmare.

You can reclaim your safe space with reliable pest control. Whether wasps have descended on your long-awaited summer barbecues or you’ve found signs of mice in the kitchen, help is available. With thorough inspections and ongoing preventative services, Saela can help restore peace and happiness to your home.

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Commercial Services

No matter what industry you work in, keeping your place of business pest-free is critical in earning the trust of your community and clients. Avoid negative reviews, stressful extermination attempts, and safety risks to your staff and customers when you bring in Saela for your commercial pest control needs. Here are some examples of industries we service:


When it comes to pest control, the stakes are high in the food industry. Nothing blacklists a restaurant faster than a bug in a meal or a rat in the kitchen. At the same time, even the most careful staff often struggle with pest issues simply because food waste attracts pests. Preventive pest control can help save your restaurant's reputation and keep your customers and staff healthy.


Anytime large numbers of people live under the same roof, the risk of pest infestation is heightened. Add this to the fact that the hospitality industry involves customers coming and going from various other living conditions and establishments, and the risk of transporting pests skyrockets. Working with Saela allows you to run your hospitality business smoothly without worrying about uninvited guests.


Everyone deserves a clean and safe place to work. Keeping your office space free of pests is crucial.


Government buildings should give a strong first impression for constituents and staff alike. Keeping pests out of government buildings is essential for public health and the reputation of your agency.


The health and safety of your residents is your top priority. Saela can help you keep pests out of your multi-family buildings so that you and your residents can live stress-free.


Put your best foot forward for every customer by ensuring that pests never make an appearance in your retail space.


The last thing that students and teachers need is another distraction from learning. Preserve the safety of all staff and students with preventive pest control services from Saela.

Don’t see your business listed? Call today to learn more about our commercial pest control services.

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Trained and Experienced Service Specialists

At Saela, we understand the frustration of dealing with persistent pests that keep coming back despite all your efforts. Our dedicated team of pest control experts is here to make the process hassle-free for you. We employ proactive and effective strategies, including thorough inspections, targeted treatments, and preventative measures, to ensure long-lasting results. Our environmentally-friendly methods and commitment to education will help you maintain a pest-free environment, allowing you to focus on what truly brings you happiness. Say goodbye to pest worries, and let us take care of them for you. Contact Saela today for a reliable and lasting pest control solution. From the Associate Certified Entomologists on staff to the trained and experienced service specialists, everyone on the Saela team brings expert knowledge to every service.

Reliable Service

Some exterminators put on a good show the first time you work with them, and then quality dips. This can leave homes and businesses in dangerous situations as they deal with recurring infestations or wait to hear back about reservices. Saela provides the same high-quality, thorough service with every call.

Free Re-Services

If you spot signs of pests between consistently scheduled services, simply call us. We’ll come out for free to take care of any additional pests.

Challenging Pests Included

While some exterminators are only willing to set traps and hope for the best, Saela utilizes sophisticated techniques for every service. This allows us to tackle even the most challenging of pests. We don’t just help with ants and spiders, but also with wasps, mice, voles, bed bugs and more.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is at the forefront of all we do. We work quickly and tirelessly to ensure your home or business feels safe and healthy again.


Saela holds QualityPro certifications and NPMA Membership. With thousands of positive reviews, Saela is a leading exterminator.

Smooth Processes

The time for clipboards and sticky notes has passed. Saela leverages the latest technology and custom software to ensure we provide the best solution to each situation. No two pest infestations are quite the same. Our careful approach, paired with specialized equipment, allows for quick targeting and long-lasting results.

Using reliable processes that begin with a thorough inspection and leave you with a safe and pest-free home, Saela provides quick and dependable pest control.

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How to Get Started

Getting started with Saela Pest Control is so simple; it has just three steps:

1. Contact

An expert will assist you in scheduling your service and answering any question.

2. Schedule

We offer fast services — more than 80% of customers receive service within 24 hours of initial contact!

3. Service

We use human and pet-friendly formulas for all pest control services. This means you don’t need to vacate your home or office while we take care of your service!

Ready to reclaim a stress-free home or workplace, without the threat of pests? Get pricing today!

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Enjoy priority customer service.

D&S Caron
The serviceman was very friendly, efficient and did a thorough job. Great service. Called before he came, discussed what would happen once he got here.
Jeannie Moffett
We thought our service provider was very thorough and very professional.
Dana Garner
Always very professional, easy to work with
Frank Molnar
A bit pricey than others but the 2 gentlemen that have come do a good job Professional and a lot less bugs Definitely cut down drastically on wasps in summer If I renew price will be biggest issue Coty has been great each time
David Medina
Excellent service as usual.
Kathryn Halasi
CJ was polite and thorough. Appreciate the service! Saela does a great job keeping the bugs out thank you!
Robin Deterding
Very respectful, knowledgeable and flexible. Also Dean went above and beyond to meet my home’s needs!
Gary McCarthy
Karen was great!!! Thanks for showing up on a snowy wet day!!!
Kristine Bebel
Saela has always provided top-notch service. No bugs inside, and pets are safe outside after treatment. Agent texts photo and description of services after quarterly servicing. Would recommend as a regular pest control service.
angel blanco
Always fantastic service and professionalism. Great customer service before scheduled appointments.
Alexa Larson
The Saela folks always do such a good job of spraying the exterior of our house. We haven’t had any bugs/spiders of note since we have had Saela providing pest control 5 years ago. It’s always nice to be home when they Saela come by to do our service! It makes it much easier to let them into the garage to keep the rodent traps full up.
Donna Barsky
Very courteous and thorough
GATZ Phylacter
great job as always!
Constance Barrows
Goes out of their way to assist. They call ahead so you know they are on their way.
Yolanda Bentley
I don’t like that company uses a automated calendar system that is not convenient, but they are always willing to make things right and their products have worked on my home.
Dina Graham
They are very knowledgeable. Thank you for such a quick response.
Mary Corbett
Outside bugs. & mice. Indoor ants Tyler was a really great with explaining & control of application great service
Jenny Ala
We used to live in “Spiderville”. Ever since we started having Saela spray a couple of years ago, we rarely see spiders anymore. We also had a problem with a hornets nest in a tree. The techs were here at least 4 times in a week to get them out of here and they haven’t been back.
Patricia Cuevas
Great customer service!
Debra Keller
Very friendly service man. He even did mosquito treatment that was not scheduled. He did a great job. See