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Why Shouldn’t You Do Your Own Pest Control

Walking through the pest control aisle of your local store, undertaking your own pest control job without any professional help probably looks like an easy task. However, it wouldn’t take long into the project to realize this is far from the truth. It’s tempting to try and take it on, but most pest control jobs should be left for the experts to take care of.

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Why Pest Control Should Be Part of Regular Home Maintenance

As you check HVAC filters, search for leaks, reapply caulking, and perform other monthly home maintenance chores, are you remembering to check pest control off your list? Unfortunately, most homeowners don't think about pest control until it's too late. But pest control is meant to control pest activity, or prevent pests from ever becoming a problem. Preventing pests is much easier, and less expensive, than exterminating them, just as maintaining your water heater is much simpler than replacing it. Homeowners should include year-round pest control as part of their regular home maintenance to ensure a safe, comfortable home.

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Why People Hate Yard Work

For some, yard work is the perfect time to focus on a task, do it well, and spend some time outside. But for others, yard...

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Where Do Pests Go in the Winter

You’ll notice a significant drop in pest numbers outside once the temperature drops and snow arrives, but just because they’re out of sight doesn’t necessarily mean they should be out of mind. Pest control might still be needed for your home in the winter!

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What to Do if Youre Bitten by a Spider

For any arachnophobe, suffering a spider bite is the ultimate fear and a call to action for an exterminator, but the average spider doesn’t really mean you harm. The only reason most spiders will go out of their way to bite a person is because they feel threatened. They’ll give you a defensive bite if you disturb their hiding place or roll over them in bed in the middle of the night, but it’s unlikely that a spider will bite you for no reason. However, if you have been bitten by a spider, what exactly should you do?

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