What Rodents Love About Your House

Rodents are an unpleasant surprise to find in your home, and many homeowners are familiar with the shock of coming across a darting mouse or rat in your kitchen in the middle of the night. You’ve likely called your local pest control for one or two before. They’re some of the most common types of pests to invade homes, but you may be wondering why they chose yours as a place to settle down. It comes down to three simple attractions.


Food is essential for rodents to survive. Luckily for them, you have an ample supply in your home, and they’re far from picky eaters. Crumbs, leftovers, smelly garbage, sticky spills, forgotten snacks pushed to the back of cabinets; they’ll gladly sniff out any food left in their reach regardless of how small or disgusting it is. To reduce the risk of inviting rodents into your home for their next meal, be mindful to keep your food sealed and stored away. You should also keep an eye on how clean your kitchen is. Wipe away spills and crumbs as soon as they happen, remove spoiled food from your refrigerator and pantry, seal your trash can tightly, and frequently take out your garbage.


Just as much as they need food, rodents also need a daily supply of water. Any water source will satisfy so long as it is reliable and easy for them to access, such as water bowls left out for pets, leaking pipes, or dripping taps. Avoid leaving any standing water for rodents to find, and regularly inspect your home for leaks and drips that need to be fixed.


As the temperature begins to fall some rodents will choose to hibernate and wait out the winter, but others will stay just as active as they would be in summer months. They’ll go in search of a warm place to stay until the cold subsides, and, unfortunately, your home is a very attractive shelter. Squeezing through cracks and small holes, burrowing under floors, climbing up drains, even chewing through cables and drywall—they’ll get creative and surprising to find a way inside. Search for potential entry points within and around your home that can be blocked, no matter how small. You might also consider contacting a pest control company to do a more thorough inspection of your property so that entry points can be properly sealed off.

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