Protect Your Home From Winter Pests

As temperatures cool down, many homeowners are gearing up for the “fall crawl.” Rodents and other pests seek warmth and shelter during winter, so it is important to ensure you don’t roll out a welcome mat for these home invaders.

With a few preparation steps, you can protect your home from winter pests.

Seal Off Entry Points

Rats, mice, spiders and other critters can squeeze through even the smallest cracks. It’s important to ensure all possible pest entry points are completely sealed off. Start by screening off your foundation and vents, ensuring existing screens are intact. Then check for cracks in window sills or door frames and seal off any openings around utility pipes. The best way to prevent an infestation is to prevent wintering pests from ever entering your home.

Clean & Tidy

Pests that enter your home are searching for more than warmth. Water and food are essential to their survival, so it is important to ensure your home is kept clean and tidy. Store food properly, ensuring no crumbs are left on the counter or floor. The harder it is for pests to find food, the less inviting your home will be for a winter shelter.

Property Maintenance

A messy, overgrown property is likely to harbor more pests than a neat, maintained yard. Keep grass cut, trim hedges, and remove any plants, bushes, or vines from walls, utility lines, and your roof. Piles of firewood can harbor many pests, from spiders to rodents, so store it 20 feet from your home and at least five feet off the ground.

Eliminate Moisture

While pests can survive for quite a while without a food source, water is essential. A steady source of moisture can cause one wintering pest to transform into a full-blown infestation. Basements and utility rooms are often susceptible to winter pest invasion because these rooms are moist and damp. To avoid this common home problem, ensure that these rooms are well ventilated. Check for leaks and cracks in basement windows or floor drains that are not functioning properly.

Professional Pest Control

While these steps are important for preventing a pest invasion, they won’t do much in the face of an active pest problem. If you are dealing with rats, mice, spiders or other common winter pests, professional pest control should always be your priority. Spider bites are dangerous and rodents are known to carry hazardous diseases, so it’s always best to call on a professional for pest control. Common signs of a rodent infestation include:

  • Scurrying noises or squeaking coming from the walls
  • Live rodents scurrying through the house
  • Dead rodents caught in traps
  • Rodent droppings
  • Chewed food containers and other evidence of disturbance in the kitchen
  • Soft nest materials, such as paper or cloth found strewn about

If you notice any of the above signs or suspect a winter pest invasion and are searching for rodent control near you, Saela is here to help. Our pest control technicians are experienced with rodents and wintering pests. We can help eliminate the infestation and give additional tips to help you protect your home from a future invasion.

If you’re searching for rodent control or a professional exterminator for any winter pests, Saela is here to help. We also offer a Pest Protection Program that prevents pests from becoming an issue. There are a few steps you can take as a homeowner to prevent pests from taking winter refuge in your home. With preventative home measurements and professional pest inspections, you’ll be pest-free year round.