Preparing for a Pest Free Holiday

Pests can quickly ruin the good cheer of the holiday season. There are a few easy steps you can take to prevent these uninvited guests from showing up during your holiday party.

Carefully Unpack Holiday Decorations

The cardboard boxes full of tinsel, ornaments and lights you have stored in the basement are big pest attractors. Cockroaches like to eat the glue in cardboard and rodents are often found hiding inside the dark boxes. It’s best to carefully unpack these boxes outdoors to avoid setting any unsightly pests loose inside your home. Search for signs of pest damage, like chewed through ornaments and droppings. And, when packing up the decorations for storage again, ditch the cardboard boxes. Instead, use large plastic containers that have a tight sealing top. This will keep pests out and better preserve your ornaments.

Inspect Your Christmas Tree

The beautiful tree you just chopped down from the tree farm needs a thorough shaking before you bring it inside. Ticks, termites, spiders, and other unfriendly pests like to harbor in trees, wreaths, and other holiday plants. Most tree farms include a free tree shake if you purchase a tree, but it’s a good idea to give the tree a look over afterwards to ensure all pests have been knocked out.

Store Firewood Away From the House

Another common source of holiday critters is from natural firewood. If you chop your own, do not store it close to your house. Store it as far away as possible and always inspect it before bringing it inside. Only bring in as much firewood as you will need for the evening.

Perform Frequent Cleaning

Holiday cooking and house guests mean more mess than usual. Pests thrive in mess and are easily attracted to crumbs and spills. Make sure you’re on top of the dishes and wipe up the counters after cooking and serving food. As soon as guests are finished eating, store all food platters and bag up overstuffed trash cans. Frequent sweeping also prevents crumb-hungry ants from showing up.

Store All Food Properly

Though candy canes look wonderfully festive hanging from your tree and grandma’s cookies are so tempting when displayed on the kitchen table, it’s best to avoid leaving any food out in the open. Look for festive candy dishes that have a top and keep any sweets inside tightly sealed plastic containers.

Call for Professional Pest Control

If you’re already experiencing a pest problem and don’t want your house guests to feel uncomfortable, it’s best to call on a professional for pest control. Saela offers expert pest and rodent control. Our service technicians can exterminate any pests you are dealing with so you can offer a safe, clean home to your holiday guests.