Prepare for Next Year Mosquitoes

While many homeowners believe that mosquitoes are just a summer problem, research shows that these blood-sucking pests stick around no matter the season. It’s important to both implement effective mosquito control and prepare your property for next year’s invasion. With a few simple steps, you can ensure your yard is unwelcoming to these pests.

Mosquitoes are a deadly nuisance. Known as the most dangerous animal in the world, they kill upwards of 750,000 people annually. As disease vectors, they frequently spread bacterial, viral and parasitic sickness and are often the cause of epidemics, such as West Nile Virus and Zika Virus. While all pest invasions should be taken seriously, mosquito control is a public health concern.

Saela is a professional pest control company and a Defender of Public Health. We have developed a thorough mosquito control program that protects families and communities from the dangers of these pests. Don’t hesitate to call us if you suspect a mosquito infestation on your property.

Once the initial mosquito population is taken care of, it is important to set up a strong protective barrier around the perimeter of your property that will keep mosquitoes out. The simplest and most effective way of accomplishing this is with a mosquito misting system. Saela uses a misting system that kills mosquitoes on contact and protects the perimeter of your property from these pests. Misting is considered more effective and offers longer-lasting results than fogging.

Female mosquitoes lay clutches of eggs, sometimes 200 at once, in sources of stagnant water. Any source is viable, as a female mosquito needs only a quarter of an inch of water for her eggs. Take a walk around your property and remove or overturn any structures or objects that could be holding water. If you have a birdbath, make sure to clean it out and put fresh water at least once a week. For ponds, fountains or other larger water sources, install an aeration pump to keep water fresh and flowing.

Another commonly overlooked source of stagnant water is clogged drains and gutters. Mosquitoes thrive in the damp, debris filled environment of gutters and drains, so be sure to regularly clean them. Remember that mosquitoes are a year round problem, not just a summer pest, so ensure gutters can freely flow all year to prevent the buildup of stagnant water.

Mosquitoes love overgrown grass and enjoy resting in the dark, cool shade offered by trees and shrubbery. If your yard is overgrown, mosquitoes will take this as a welcoming refuge. Ensure you always maintain your yard with proper lawn care and keep any gardens or decorative shrubs neatly trimmed.

The final step of preparing your home for next year’s mosquitoes is to eliminate all entry points into your house. Check the screen of every window – are there any tears? Even the smallest hole is enough to let a mosquito inside. Make sure your siding and roof does not have any cracks or entry holes either.

Effective Mosquito Control is Essential for Home Enjoyment

No one enjoys a BBQ or bonfire when these blood thirsty bugs are out to bite. To keep your family safe and protected, it’s essential to practice active mosquito control. With professional mosquito extermination and the simple property maintenance steps we mention above, keeping your property safe from mosquitoes is easy. It’s always better to be prepared, however, so we recommend keeping bug repellent on hand. If you ever notice a mosquito issue despite your preparation efforts, don’t hesitate to call Saela. We can eliminate the problem before it gets out of hand and help you understand how you can improve your mosquito maintenance.