Mosquitoes Do When Summer Ends

As mosquitoes are cold-blooded insects, they naturally thrive during the warmer, more humid summer months. That’s why there’s an influx of mosquitoes thristily buzzing around you and your family during cookouts and other summer activities. While summer remains a popular season for most individuals, mosquitoes are definitely a downside. Unfortunately, looking forward to winter and cooler temperatures as a natural mosquito control will leave you disappointed.

While it is true that mosquito populations are lower in cooler temperatures, these pesky insects have developed various ways to survive the winter and come back full force once it warms up again. Once temperatures drop to about 60°F, mosquitoes may:

  • Hibernate – Just like bears (although much, much smaller), many species of mosquitoes will hibernate during the winter. Adult mosquitoes hide in covered areas like sheds, under houses, in exposed tree roots and holes in the ground. In order to keep warm, they sit in a squat position, bringing their legs close to their body and staying close to the surface of their chosen resting place for warmth. When the temperature starts to heat up, these hibernating pests reemerge and begin feeding.
  • Overwinter Their Eggs – Some female mosquitoes lay a large clutch of eggs before dying off due to lowering temperatures. These eggs will have extra proteins and protection that allow them to “overwinter,” or survive cooler temperatures. Once it warms up again, the eggs will hatch and a whole new population of mosquitoes is set loose to ruin your summer activities.
  • Survive – A few species, often known as “snow mosquitoes,” have the ability to survive in the winter! Typically found in northern states, these mosquitoes will flourish during mild winters and leave you miserable and itchy all year round.

Effective Mosquito Control is Year Round

While a lull in mosquito activity during the winter may lead you to believe that these pests are only a summertime nuisance, it’s likely that they are hiding in plain sight. The last thing you want, during winter or summer, is a mosquito bite.

While the red, itchy welts caused by mosquito bites may heal in a few days, mosquito borne disease can be fatal. Mosquitoes are considered the most dangerous animal on the planet as they kill over 750,000 people annually. These tiny flying pests are vectors of various bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases that can cause anything from debilitating pain and chronic symptoms to death. Outbreaks of such diseases in the United States include West Nile Virus and Zika Virus. The only way to stop the spread of these deadly diseases is through effective, consistent mosquito control.

Don’t let the winter lull you into a false sense of mosquito control. To keep you and your family safe, it’s best to choose a professional mosquito protection program that covers you year round. Saela has a mosquito extermination program that keeps these dangerous pests out of your yard and away from your family.

Rain or shine, summer or winter, mosquitoes are always a threat. Protect yourself today!