Mosquito Control Companies Work

Warmer weather means longer days, outdoor BBQs, summer activities and late evenings spent enjoying your beautiful yard. Nothing can ruin these moments quicker than the bite of thirsty, swarming mosquitoes. Don’t let these nasty, disease carrying pests drive you and your family indoors this year. You can take back your yard with the professional assistance of mosquito control companies.

While you may be desperate to rid your yard of mosquitoes, it’s always best to proceed with caution when hiring a mosquito control company. If you’re wondering whether professional mosquito control is worth it, it certainly is – as long as you hire the right company.

How do you know which mosquito control company can help you finally eliminate mosquitoes? Be on the lookout for the following indicators of professionals that know their pest control.

Mosquito control sprays may be dangerous if handled improperly. Always check for certifications and licenses when hiring a professional mosquito extermination company. At Saela, we take bugs very seriously. All locations have a Certified Entomologist on staff, so we always know exactly what species of mosquito our clients are dealing with. As each species has different landing and mating habits, this can make a huge difference in spraying and control methods. Additionally, all of our service specialists are QualityPro Accredited and have the necessary training to effectively operate mosquito control equipment and safely handle mosquito sprays. The well being of our clients is our first priority, and we always send well qualified professionals to handle pest control services.

Any mosquito control company that promises to exterminate mosquitoes without first performing a property inspection will fail to effectively eliminate the problem. An inspection is important as it reveals mosquito breeding and harborage sites, alerting servicemen where to spray. The Mosquito Protection Program offered by Saela begins with a thorough property inspection, so you can be assured that we are tackling your mosquito problem from top to bottom.

Before your service begins, you should always request to see the product your provider is using and ask for proof of EPA approval. At Saela, we use the latest technology and products to ensure the most effective mosquito control. All of our products are EPA approved and child and pet friendly. There is no need to leave your house while we spray!

Last, but not least, ensure that the company you hire offers re-services. Often, a one time spray is not enough to effectively reduce mosquito populations. A professional pest control company will automatically include a number of re-services in their mosquito package or at least offer to come back and review the effectiveness of their initial spray and re-service if deemed necessary. When you purchase the Mosquito Protection Program from Saela, re-services are included and are completely FREE. Our goal is to eliminate your mosquito problem so that you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors again, and we won’t rest until the job is done.

If you’re still wondering whether mosquito control companies really work, just check out what our customers have to say. At Saela, we fight hard against mosquitoes so that you and your family can stay safe. Contact us today to learn more about our Mosquito Protection Program.