3 Things You Might Be Trying That Wont Work

There are many DIY pest control tips that you can do around your home to keep the threat of large infestations low, but that doesn’t mean they’ll always work or that you won’t make mistakes.

Focusing Too Much on Cleaning the Kitchen

You’ve likely heard that clean homes won’t attract pests and that a dirty kitchen in particular is the biggest magnet for pests. While both statements have some truth to them, they don’t always hold true. Having a spotless kitchen is something to be proud of, but focusing too much on cleaning the kitchen won’t keep pests away if you’re also ignoring other pest attractors. For example, if you have excess moisture around the home or easily accessible entrance points, pests will come undeterred of the cleanliness of your kitchen. So even though clean habits (especially in the kitchen) will undoubtedly lower your chances of a pest infestation, don’t rely on it entirely to keep your home pest-free.

Relying on Your Pet for Pest Control

Though your pet might pluck the occasional rodent from the basement or backyard, it doesn’t mean they’re suddenly a reasonable replacement for traditional pest control. To rely solely on your family pet for pest control would be to leave your home in the hands of a very unreliable exterminator. Most domesticated cats and dogs have little desire for chasing pests, let alone going out of their way enough to catch them. Even if your pet has an affinity for pest prowling they could never catch every intruder within your home. Pests can escape into small hiding spots that your pet could never reach, such as underneath floorboards or inside the walls.

Ignoring What You Can’t See

Many homeowners assume that they’ll always be able to tell if they have pests in their home, and it’s an understandable belief; you would think that a pest infestation would be immediately noticeable, but pests are surprisingly skillful at hiding their existence. Their survival depends heavily upon their ability to live inside your home and pilfer from your resources unseen, so they’ve learned to be much sneakier than you might give them credit for. While you prepare only for the infestation you can see, significant amounts of damage can be done before you’ve even had a chance to realize they’re already there. Or worse yet, you may focus only on the parts of the infestation that are easily visible and be completely unaware of the more severe problem concealed in walls or beneath floorboards. Proper and regular inspection from a professional pest control company is necessary to expose hidden pest infestations that are virtually invisible to the average homeowner who doesn’t know to look for them.

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