How to Stop the Mosquito Swarm

Posted on Aug 26th 2020


How to Stop the Mosquito Swarm

When you see one mosquito, you can be sure that the swarm is nearby. Today one of Saela's expert entomologists discusses why mosquitoes swarm, how they breed so fast, and how to keep them out of your yard.

Speaker 1:

Tell me a little bit about their reproductive cycle, I guess you could say. Cause it's, it seems like when mosquitoes come, they bring all their friends.

Speaker 2:

Right, right. That is exactly the mosquito survival strategy. That stagnant water source, where it's just sitting still is a bit of a risk for animals like birds. Obviously a bird can fly right up, start pecking out the larvae in there. Or if it's been water where a fish could survive, there are a few fish that are specialized for standing water, they can absolutely devour thousands of mosquitoes. So mosquitoes very much kind of select they're young for mass, or quantity, instead of just quality. You'll typically see a couple hundred to a few thousand in a single year from a single female mosquito.

Speaker 1:

Oh wow. So you're talking, one female could reproduce thousands of offspring in a single season?

Speaker 2:

Potentially so, and again, the majority of those may die, but you know, it's pretty hard to see the difference between 200 mosquitoes landing on you and 300.

Speaker 1:


Mosquitoes are tenacious pests

Mosquitoes can reproduce in a matter of days given the right conditions and a surprisingly small amount of standing water. Effective mosquito protection takes careful preparation that's followed by a high-quality product and service. Mosquitoes have breeding grounds all over your home and neighborhood but here are a few places that will help you stop mosquitoes at their source.


Believe it or not, the small amounts of water tarps collect can be enough for mosquitoes to breed in. Consider cleaning off your tarps often.

Water Features

Bird baths or water fountains can create stagnant water that mosquitoes love. Make sure they are flowing correctly or have their water cleaned often.

Clogged Rain Gutter

Leaves blocking your gutters can create pools of water that are perfect for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Rain gutters are normally out of sight, so don't let them be out of mind.

With the knowledge of how mosquitoes breed and where they lay their eggs, you can keep your home and family safe from the annoyances and dangers they bring. And remember that proper mosquito control is an ongoing effort that is well worth your time.

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