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Great job
— Anita Sale
Posted September 25th 2023
The techs that come out to my house are always so nice. they check in before and after they spray to give me an update of their findings and any other problem areas they find outside. I have been working with this company for years and the service has always been excellent!
— Solex Files
Posted September 20th 2023
Professional. Knowledgeable. Swift. Personal.
— C D
Posted July 16th 2023
Always professional and courteous!!!
— Glenn Roberts
Posted October 10th 2020
I called and within 24 hours quality service was completed. Immediate results too in regards to their products when applied.
— Dustin Frost
Posted August 25th 2023
Absolutely phenomenal help . Professional and on time .
— Ray The man
Posted August 20th 2023
They come out bi-monthly as a preventive measure and spray the outside. Excellent and professional service.
— Jeanne Bravos
Posted February 21st 2022
The service tech was friendly and hard working and very patient with my husband
— Julianne Pierson
Posted August 19th 2023
She brought her pwn ladder! YaY!!
— Danny Thorn
Posted August 19th 2023
EDGE and now Saela Pest Control has been a very reliable provider to us for many years now. They have been consistently reliable, quick to respond, and take responsibility to completely resolve any problem they find during servicing or when we request. On the few occasions we needed specific help to address new infestations of bees or wasps, they responded quickly, took care of the issue, and provided the additional visits as part of their service guarantee. I really like the honest and reliable service Saela provides, no hidden fees, no up charge, just a good and responsible provider that is getting rare to find these days. Don't be fooled by sophisticated sales talk. As a satisfied customer, I highly recommend Saela.
— laitsabr
Posted October 26th 2019
Chanel was absolutely the best! We are rather particular when it comes to pest control especially spiders and she was very very thorough! I must also mention the people I spoke with on the phone before actual service. It has been a long long time that I have encountered professional customer service and I really felt like they were listening/hearing me! This was my only first appointment and I am sure I will follow up with more detail. I usually give these kind of companies 3 chances before I make a better informed decision as to keeping them and finalizing my review. So I will say so far so good Saelal👌🏻
— SM D’
Posted August 14th 2023
I felt very confident in the last rep who visited our home. Very professional.
— Darryl Sledge
Posted August 11th 2023
My ant problem has been completely controlled by thier quarterly service. I highly recommend.
— linda perrine
Posted August 7th 2023
My experience exceeded my expectation from start to finish. Both technicians were so kind, helpful, knowledgeable and extremely professional. Would MORE than refer.
— Lori Camileri
Posted August 6th 2023
Super polite dude. Said sir and thank you which goes a long way.
— Brad Booker
Posted August 5th 2023
According to my cameras, it told me the service this time took only 15 minutes. Compared to the previous services is a lot quicker!?!?
— Son Ha
Posted March 6th 2019
Chad was great at explaining everything and taking care of our wasp problems. He took the time to help schedule a home inspection with Aaron too. Great service!
— Ivan Berrios
Posted July 27th 2023
Professional and friendly people and
— karen ott
Posted July 27th 2023
We received the second scheduled service by Jaden. He was very polite, professional, and amicable. He responded to every question and explained more in detail. There was a wasp net found where he treated it and ensured that the following next few days we should see that wasps going off. Great service by Jaden! and Seala should have more staff like Jaden. Would recommend Saela to more friends around!
— amarnath kuruba
Posted July 24th 2023
I've been using Saela/Edge for 2 years now and am satisfied with their service and employees. They do a thorough job and will come out to respray if requested which I love! Updated as of Jul 2023: Their recently updated customer portal is terrible. It doesn't provide a way to chat with customer service or view your next service date.
— Korina Houghtaling
Posted October 1st 2022
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