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Mosquitoes fly, so how do we control them?

Mosquitoes hide from the day's heat and come out later in the evening, so we use a mist applicator to treat around their most common landing spots, such as under leaves, porches or other structures. When a mosquito lands in these areas, the product adheres to the mosquito.

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Mosquitoes, notorious for their persistence, annoyance, and potential hazards, have been a long-standing challenge for humanity. Throughout history, the need for consistent mosquito control efforts has become evident, making it a critical service supported globally by numerous governmental organizations. Seattle mosquito control experts are aware that these insects have adapted to various treatments, necessitating an evolving approach to their management. Successful mosquito control relies on strategies crafted by entomologists, combining the correct products, applied precisely and timed effectively. All of our pest control services encapsulate these elements, providing a solution that allows you to once again enjoy your outdoor spaces without the interference of mosquitoes.

Seattle mosquito control FAQs.

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A woman sitting outside enjoying her mosquito free yard thanks to Saela in Seattle, WA.

Professional mosquito exterminator in Seattle, WA.

Our service is tailored to meet your needs, offering a mosquito solution that's both effective and timely. We take pride in providing highly skilled service specialists, employing top-tier products and methods, coupled with the industry's quickest response time. Understanding the urgency, we ensure to address your mosquito concerns within 24 hours of your call, except in rare cases or if requested otherwise. You can be confident in the quality of our products, which are long-lasting and safe for both humans and pets.

Adapting to the constantly changing behavior of mosquitoes, our methods are equally flexible and innovative. We are dedicated to providing you with a top-notch mosquito exterminator in Seattle, WA, achieved through significant investment in education and training. You can trust that our service specialists have the expertise to meet your needs effectively. If your circumstances necessitate further action, just let us know. We'll quickly come back for a free additional service, guaranteeing ongoing protection for you and your loved ones.

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    Technicians are always so helpful and pleasant.
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    On time, get the job done. They are well trained to do there work well
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    Professional service. So far I am happy and satisfied.
  • Alice G

    Saela has been responsive and professional in every way. Very satisfied with the pest control and customer service. Thank you also to Max for always texting ahead of arrival.
  • Rob Baccus

    Great service value for the cost Helps keep the ants and spiders down in the house and garage.
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    They make it easy even when im not able to be home
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    Great service and great customer service! This is our second home with saela and we have had a great experience!
  • Alexa Larson

    The Saela folks always do such a good job of spraying the exterior of our house. We haven’t had any bugs/spiders of note since we have had Saela providing pest control 5 years ago. It’s always nice to be home when they Saela come by to do our service! It makes it much easier to let them into the garage to keep the rodent traps full up.
  • Angela Johnson

    Marcus my Saela professional is the BEST, total Rick star when it comes to pests, follow up, etc! Love when I get him for my quarterly service calls!
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    Mario did my service, he was spectacular. Very good attitude and informative.
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    Mario was the technician who serviced our residence, and he was the best person we have had since we signed up for your service. We told him that we still had ants in our kitchen even after the last service. He asked if anyone had come inside to treat for them in our kitchen. We said no. He said that he would come in and treat our kitchen as well as outside. He was very informative and polite, as well as very thorough. I give him high marks for customer service and want him to service our place the next time our house is due for treatment. He is the best. Thanks
  • Walter Lin

    Great service and very reliable!
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    Highly recommend as Saela's treatment's have completely solved our any problem. Courteous and Professional Technicians.
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    Always very helpful and looking for other ways to help. If anything is missed (rarely happens) they come right back. I love all the technicians that come out, they’re friendly, helpful and all around wonderful! The customer service team has also been fantastic but I did receive some false info from the sales team. So I love everything about this company except the sales team which the rest of the team has absolutely made up for.
  • Chris Huddleson

    Saela has done great service at our home for over a year. They are very courteous and do a thorough job at our home.
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    Always excellent and appreciated
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    Great service by the technician. Had some problems with the website afterwards. 12/7/23
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    Professional and knowledgeable staff; great communication and on-time inspections! Results and services rendered are thorough and clear. I've been using them over 5 years for pest control and highly recommend!!
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    On time and really nice people!
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    Very good