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As a Defender of Public Health, we have developed a Mouse Protection Program that will keep mice away.

Saela Pest Control and Mosquito Services offers a comprehensive Mice Extermination Program in Salt Lake City to keep your home safe and rodent free. Saela offers an award winning mouse extermination program in Salt Lake City that covers every part of your home or business.
Saela has developed a Protection Program to keep rodents away from your Salt Lake City home that includes mice removal services.

Mice Control in Salt Lake City Keep Mice Out, For Good

To some mice may appear cute or friendly, but they are dangerous to have in your home. They pose health risks, and have the potential to cause serious damage throughout your home. If you suspect or have evidence of a mouse infestation, bring professional mice removal (also called a mice exterminator) right away to prevent further damage.

At Saela, we know the panic and fear finding mice in your home can bring. With our award-winning protection program, we’ll quickly and safely remove any existing mice from your home, and keep your home protected from future issues with regular protective treatments.

Let our service specialists provide the customized protection plan you need to keep your home and family safe from pests and rodents. Get pricing today!

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Mice are dirty, unhealthy, and you want them gone.

Imagine taking the annoyance, worry, and frustration completely out of your home life. A life without pests - especially mice.

Saela offers professional mice control in Salt Lake City to help fight the spread of disease and unsanitary conditions that rodents can bring.

No More Health Concerns

with disease or illness that pests can bring.

Keep mice from damaging or entering your home with Saela's mouse pest control near you in Salt Lake City.

No More Worrying

about rodents, bug bites, mouse droppings or pests damaging your home.

Saela is an award winning mice exterminator company in Salt Lake City that can eliminate even the most invasive rodents.

No More Wasting Valuable Time

struggling to contain persistent mice.

Saela offers the best mice exterminator services in Salt Lake City that can get rid of rodents from your home and yard.

No More Feeling Like You Aren't In Control

Dangers of Mice in the Home

Although mice are bigger than many other pests, they are extremely elusive and can initially be difficult to spot. Once you do see them, however, you’ll want to act quickly. Mice pose two large dangers to your home: damage and disease. And, since they breed quickly — one mouse can give birth 5-10 times a year — the risk of these dangers rises exponentially the longer mice are allowed to stick around.


House mice pose a real health hazard. They are known spreaders of diseases including hantavirus, salmonellosis and rat-bite fever. These diseases, and other sickness-inducing bacteria can be spread through mice feces, saliva and any food they come in contact with.

Mice are also a source of allergies. Mouse allergens are known to lead to the development of asthma and hay fever. These allergens are found in mice hairs, urine and danders — all of which can easily be spread throughout the home with a mice infestation. After all, mice don't stay in one place.

Although mice are not known for biting, they may do so if provoked and feel threatened. For this reason, it can be dangerous to try and remove mice yourself. For the best and safest route, call an exterminator for mice. Saela professionals are trained in the expert removal of mice and continued mouse control treatments. Don’t risk your family’s health by trying to handle an infestation yourself.


If there’s one thing mice like to do, it’s chew. They’re notorious for getting into your food, but all that chewing can also wreak havoc on your electrical system and walls.

Mice are biologically wired to chew because it helps maintain the length of their teeth. They’ll nibble and work through just about anything, and that includes all the things holding your home together. Drywalls, rubber, plastic pipes, insulation, aluminum, and even wires or gas lines are all at risk when a home suffers from a mouse infestation.

Since it’s inside your walls, much of this damage can go undetected until it’s too late. By then, you could be looking at some expensive repairs. To avoid such disaster and headache, consider investing in regular pest and rodent control services right from the start of your home ownership journey.

Why Do I Suddenly Have Mice in My House?

Saela helping a family protect their home as a mice exterminator in Salt Lake City.

Mice don’t actively seek out homes to live in. Typically, they are more content to stay outside where there’s plenty of food and shelter for them. If they find their way into your residence, it’s likely because they see it as easy access to food and shelter. Mice won’t pass up a chance to pick up any large crumbs left around!

In climates with variable temperatures, mice are more likely to seek out the shelter found in your home during the colder months. Humans typically keeps their homes warm and cozy, which appeals to mice just as much as it does to us.

The most attractive spaces in your home for mice are not in the most obvious places. Attics, basements and crawl spaces are where you’ll most likely find the critters hiding away. Keep an eye out on these spots and have them regularly treated to deter mice and other pests.

Get Rid of Mice in Your Home Salt Lake City Mice Exterminator

The best way to keep mice out of your home is to start regular protection treatments right away. However, if you haven’t done this and manage to find a critter scurrying across the floor, it’s best to take up mice removal measures right away.

Contacting a professional formice control in Salt Lake City or professional rodent removal specialist is the best way to take care of the issue without risking damage to your home or health. The specialists at Saela trained and have access to the best pest and rodent control products available. We’ll quickly assess the problem and find a tailor solution to fit your needs.

Keep unwanted rodents out of your home. Contact Saela and get pricing today!

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Saela provides services within 24 to 48 hours of initial contact for all services, including all mouse pest control services in Salt Lake City.

Same-Day Service

Saela uses high quality products that are safe for children and pets throughout all mice removal and extermination services in Salt Lake City.

Family and Pet Friendly

Saela is an award winning rodent and mouse control company in Salt Lake City that guarantees every aspect of their services.

We Guarantee Our Service

Saela provides free re-services as part of their award winning rodent and pest control program in Salt Lake City.


Not all pest control companies are alike.

When searching for a pest control solution to get rid of mice in Salt Lake City, these 9 factors will determine the quality of your experience.

Saela provides Salt Lake City bug exterminator services services within 24 hours.

Response Time

Saela provides same or next day Salt Lake City pest extermination services.

How quickly can they get to your home?

Saela is one of the top award winning Salt Lake City pest exterminator companies that offers service within 24 hours.

Saela offers service within 24 hours.

More on Same-Day Service
Saela uses quality Salt Lake City pest exterminator products.

Product Quality

Saela uses the best Salt Lake City pest and mosquito extermination products.

Do they cut costs by using cheaper products or equipment?

Our professional Salt Lake City pest and mosquito exterminators are ready to answer any questions about the quality of our products.

As part of our guarantee, we promise to only use the most effective products and equipment. This means we can't be the cheapest service available but our quality leads the industry.

More on Our Product
Saela is an award winning Salt Lake City mosquito spray company that provides top quality training and expertise.

Knowledge & Training

Saela's professionally trained Salt Lake City exterminators near me provide 100% guaranteed services.

Do they have the knowledge, experience, and training in place to be effective?

Saela technicians receive ongoing training in order to provide the best Salt Lake City local pest control services.

Saela's entomologists are actively improving our service as we find that pests are adjusting to certain climates and pest control treatments.

More on Our Training
Saela provides consistent and high quality insect pest control services near me Salt Lake City.

Consistent Quality

You will get top quality services everytime with Saela's Salt Lake City mosquito yard treatment.

Do they put on a good show for the first service? How is their second or third service?

Saela offers only the highest quality  Salt Lake City mosquito extermination.

Saela provides the same high quality service from the first service to the one hundredth service.

More on Our Consistency
Saela offers every customer free Salt Lake City exterminator re-services.

Free Re-Services

Saela is there for you every step of the way with our free Salt Lake City rodent control re-services.

Do they charge you for additional visits outside of what's on your contract?

Saela provides the best Salt Lake City bed bug exterminator services near me with free re-services.

Contact us anytime outside your regularly scheduled services and we'll come out for free.

More on Re-Services
Saela's covers more pests with our protection plan including Salt Lake City mice exterminator services.

More Pests Covered

Get rid of more than just bugs with Saela's Salt Lake City rodent exterminator services.

Are mice and voles covered? What about wasps or spiders?

You'll get control of more than just insects with Saela's Salt Lake City rat exterminator services.

Knocking nests down and laying spider sticky traps are barely a temporary fix but don't worry, Saela's protection plan will keep more than just your "easy" pests away.

More on What is Included
Saela is one of the best Salt Lake City pest control companies near me that provides top quality customer service.

Priority Customer Service

Saela provides excellent customer service for all services including our Salt Lake City mosquito treatments.

Does your company treat you as a number or are you their priority?

Saela's top priority is customer satisfaction for all services provided including our professional Salt Lake City exterminator services.

Saela will be around... forever, so customer satisfaction is our priority and apart of everything we do.

More on Communication
As an award winning Salt Lake City pest control company, Saela provides only the highest quality services.


If you're looking for a Salt Lake City bug exterminator near me with good reviews, Saela has you covered.

What are their reviews like? Have they won awards?

The professional technicians at Saela provide only the best, award winning Salt Lake City bed bug killer services.

We have tens of thousands of great reviews from happy customers along with many awards highlighting our world-class service.

More on Our Credibility
Saela always uses the latest technology when providing Salt Lake City bug exterminator services.


In order to provide the best Salt Lake City pest control near me, Saela uses the latest technology to track services.

Do they still use paper? Are their processes outdated?

Saela uses advanced technology in order to guarantee our award winning methods to exterminate difficult pests.

We meticulously track each service through tablets and our proprietary software so we can make sure your specific needs are met every time.

More on Our Technology

Take control.

At Saela, we understand the frustrations that come from mice and we know how rodent control done right can improve YOUR quality of life.

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Enjoy a mouse free home with Saela's award winning mice control and extermination services near you in Salt Lake City.

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Take the first step to getting rid of mosquitoes with a local mosquito treatment company in Salt Lake City by contacting Saela today.


Our experts can answer any questions you have about the service.

Get started with Saela today by scheduling your Salt Lake City pest extermination service.


Over 80% of our customers are serviced within 24 hours of contacting us.

Saela provides safe and worry free bug exterminator services in Salt Lake City directly to your home.


Relax at home while we perform the service. No need to leave.

Stop the never-ending battle with mice. Live a life free from distractions.

The Daily Herald The Best of Utah Valley 2017 - 2019 Reader's Choice Award for Pest Exterminator Services.
Saela is proud to be QualityPro certified for their award winning services to exterminate pests.
Saela is proud to be in the PCT Top 100 companies for rodent control.
Saela is proud to be apart of the Utah Valley UV50 top 50 fastest growing companies for the years of 2016, 2017 and 2018 for their outstanding pest exterimator services.
Saela is proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for their excellent insect pest control.
Saela is proud to be a part of the Salt Lake Tribune Top Places to Work in 2016 - 2017 as an outstanding local pest control company.
Saela is proud to be recognized by Inc. 5000 Honor Roll Five-Time Honoree as an outstanding and quality pest control company.
Saela is proud to be a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the years of 2016 and 2019 as a top bug exterminator.
Saela is proud to be awarded the Utah Valley Fast50 quickest growing businesses.
Saela keeps an Associate Certified Entomologist ACE full time entomologist on staff to provide the best pest control experience possible.
Saela is proud to be a member of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) to provide the highest quality of pest control service possible.

We're value-driven and service-oriented, so you can live your life free from distractions.

Carlos was polite and efficient. He completed the work and thoroughly explained what he found and treated.
— Wayne Avila
Posted May 31st 2023
Professional, helpful and quick!
— Rachel Greathouse
Posted May 30th 2023
Tech was late but he did a good job. My contact with Saela expired. Need to talk to main office to see if they can give me a better deal than I have now.
— Leo Hamilton
Posted May 26th 2023
The technician was very nice and knowledgeable.
— Peggy Davidson
Posted May 26th 2023
Friendly and informative, and will have to wait to see the results!
— Gary Hockensmith
Posted May 24th 2023
Excellent customer service.
— Hen Anders
Posted May 22nd 2023
Used them once so far, no issues. Can’t confirm results yet, will come back for more details.
— Regina Gubenko
Posted May 16th 2023
Melissa was phenomenal to work with. Highly recommend.
— Michael Newton
Posted May 11th 2023
Professional and thorough inspection during pest control service.
— Joe Tennant
Posted May 10th 2023
Keeping my fingers crossed this service works.
— Claudia Williams
Posted May 2nd 2023
Super happy Appreciate you calling aheadThanks
— Constance Barrows
Posted November 23rd 2022
Predatory contracts. Avoid.
— Dane Tessler
Posted August 31st 2021
Simple easy and reliable
— Melissa E
Posted March 22nd 2023
Chris was awesome!!!
— Marci Miller
Posted March 11th 2023
Melissa did a GREAT job. She explained her service in detail and was very friendly. I highly recommend.
— K Jenkins
Posted March 20th 2023
We’ve been using Edge for several years now and within two different homes and we have never once encountered anyone that wasn’t top notch! Every time they come to service there’s a different tech but they are always professional, polite, going above and beyond, and we just can’t say enough great things about them!
— Jodi Smith
Posted January 23rd 2021
The people are very friendly the guy did exactly what he was supposed to do when he came in he was very pleasant we enjoy having Evan in our home thank you for all he has done thank you for all you all have done you met my expectations and will refer you out to anyone else that needs your services thanks again. Priscilla Anaya/Prentice
— Dean Trujillo
Posted March 16th 2023
So far this has been the very best pest control service I’ve hired. Tyler who came to do our 1st service was so informative and efficient.. plus about as nice of a guy as you could want. I’ll update if anything changes, but I do not foresee that, they’ve all be really great this far!
— M C
Posted March 13th 2023
As always, excellent
— Valerie Whitney
Posted March 12th 2020
They are so responsive and always professional. Melissa has been great to work with.
— Judy Bowen
Posted March 7th 2023

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