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What makes our program so effective for restaurants?

No one should have to spend energy worrying about pests - there are more important things to do. We care about your success and want you to know that we feel pest control is not just a checklist. You have a unique business whose needs continually change. We've designed a program from the ground up, rooted in proactive communication and constant pest monitoring so you can always be one step ahead.


Effective program focused on proactive communication and pest monitoring


A thorough, professional inspection for every service


Actionable advice on how to prevent pest issues before they become a problem

Saela restaurant pest control services near you.

We cover ants, rodents, cockroaches, and have effective options for bed bugs that can negatively affect business. Pest Watch is the program we've developed rooted in IPM (Integrated Pest Management) which is a strategy focused on a proactive long-term prevention of these pests. We customize this program to you, catering to your needs to provide you with an effective pest control solution. We follow this process every single service, not just on the initial visit.

Saela servicing pestwatch

On-going Protection


We start with an investigative conversation to assess the current situation, then we perform a thorough inspection.

Evaluate & Identify

We do an evaluation and determine what the problem areas are and where the activity is focused.


We prescribe preventive actions that should be taken to solve any issues, then administer treatment as necessary.

Saela local restaurant pest control.

Post Care

We follow a strict quality assurance process to ensure each service is done properly every time. We follow up to make sure you're taken care of.

Constant Proactive Communication

With your on-line portal, you have live access to your service. If an urgent problem arises, you or if you choose to, your tenants, can immediately send us a message and we'll take action. If you want to see a history of your service by property, building, or apartment, it's at your fingertips. If you need to see reports, they are available to you.



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Proactive communication and pest monitoring allow you to put your focus on what matters most — your business. Let us know how we can help you.