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Very satisfied. Tech was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions.
— Charlene Stansbury
Posted November 15th 2022
Just the nicest service people ever. They are always responsive if I suddenly have ants in the house, gif instance. I’ve been using them for four years ever since they saved me from a rat infestation.
— Cindy Kjeldsen
Posted September 22nd 2023
Conor was friendly and explained what he would be doing and why; very informative, professional, and thorough. Said he has been in the pest control profession for about 5 months, which makes believe that Saela trains their people vey well! I have been a customer of The Edge/Saela for a few years now, and would highly recommend them. They have always come back between services if need be without an extra charge, which means the world to me since I’m on a fixed income.
— Sharon Taylor
Posted October 22nd 2020
Always prompt and professional!
— Bobbe Priddy
Posted October 2nd 2019
Very good experience! I pointed out wasp nests and they were promptly taken care of.
— Jeff Schatz
Posted September 12th 2023
They communicate when they are coming and give you a 10min prior. They are very responsive to any request I have. I have been with them for 7 yrs and would/will not change.
— Pam Brown
Posted August 1st 2020
Technician was friendly, quick, and professional.
— Greg Baisch
Posted August 15th 2022
After having a problem with an underground Yellow jackets hive, Sales Pest control came to the rescue, those were really aggressive bugs in our front yard, and they were able to take them down for us, I am really happy I was able to find them. Also, the great thing is that this was a "on the spot" job, meaning that it was a one time job and I didn't have sign up for any plan.
— Luis Ángel
Posted August 26th 2023
Excellent customer service!
— Denise Sorensen
Posted August 20th 2023
We were losing the battle against the ants!! Then Saela treated. We've been happy for 4 years now, the treatment even keeps the spider population down. They use environmentally friendly deterrents and poisons, and they have a colony killing bait that's safe around food surfaces! we had terro traps, the best consumer grade solution I've found, and were still seeing10-20 ants a day in our kitchen. We saw about 10 over the next three days, then none. Never had any issues; they are professional, accommodating, friendly, and patient. 👍👍
— Japheth Smith
Posted August 18th 2023
Good price and good service. Service representative courtesy and pointed out issues on house where I insects might be entering.
— Susan Lee
Posted July 10th 2021
Good followup service
— Paul Baker
Posted August 14th 2023
Ken did a wonderful job of helping us get rid of the rodents. He explained everything very well. I would recommend this company. He also came back to check our traps after I saw a raccoon messing with them. WOW great service. Thanks Ken you da man!
— Debbie Stout
Posted February 7th 2022
Brady came to exterminate a wasp nest, was quick and professional. He inspected the rest of the property and found a yellow jacket nest and was able to return the next day to remove it. Very quick and great attitude.
— Brennah Mcvey
Posted August 11th 2023
We were looking to add a pest service to our house when we moved in and was looking online and found that Saela(Edge at the time) was environmentally friendly and a great value. Before we could do anything they had salespeople walking our neighborhood asking if we wanted to sign up for a promo they had going on. We signed up and have been very happy ever since.
— Phillip Ryder
Posted August 10th 2023
We had a mouse incident inside the house and it terrified me. I called Saela and they sent someone to our house the same day. Their technician was able to locate the point of entry and seal it up. No more mice! But being very thorough, they set traps inside and out. Each time someone has come to our house they have been courteous, friendly and very competent. I strongly recommend their services!
— MelissaPowers1
Posted August 9th 2023
Not sean a mouse for awhile
— robert carman
Posted March 2nd 2023
Everyone that has came out to provide service has been friendly, informative, and patient with myself and my dogs.
— Michael Davison
Posted October 16th 2020
Friendly and professional company, excellent communication. I’ve used them for a few years to deter spiders, etc and I’ve never had an issue with billing or scheduling. I also really appreciate that they don’t do door-to-door solicitations like all the competitors who are always ringing my doorbell and won’t take no for an answer.
— Sarah Balian
Posted August 5th 2023
The service person called me ahead of time. They performed the service and left a notice on my doorknob.
— Nancy Dalrymple
Posted January 7th 2020
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