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Trouble areas include:
  1. Walls
  2. Wooden Fences
  3. Piles of Firewood
  4. Cracks in the Home
  5. Leaky Pipes & Fixtures
  6. Raised Garden Beds
  7. Foundations
  8. Trees / Bushes
  9. Mulch / Dead Wood
  10. Subterranean Colony
  11. Dirt-filled Porch
  12. Treehouse/Playground
Saela offers expert termit defense services near you.

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We protect your home with two layers of termite defense
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Protect your home from termites with the termite defense services from Saela.


Saela termite baiting system

Saela's First-Layer Defense
Trelona® Baiting System
Saela termite defense packages.

Get professional termite defense with Saela.


Saela termite baiting system.

Saela's First-Layer Defense
Trelona® Baiting System
Saela termite control premium.

Saela termite barrier system.

Saela's Second-Layer Defense
Termidor® Permiter Barrier
Saela termite packages.
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Re-treat Guarantee

Pests are persistent. For as long as we protect/service your home, we promise to monitor and treat termite activity. If termites ever show up again, we will re-treat your home at no cost

Did you know?

Termites have a life cycle

Saela - termite life cycle.

Termites can go undetected

Saela - termite damage to walls.

Termites can thrive in your home without immediate signs of damage. However, they can leave warning signs of possible activity. Wood that sounds hollow, bubbling paint, and mud tubes are common.

Signs of termite activity could lead to damage

Signs of termite damage - Saela.

Termites like warmth and humidity

Map of termite infestiation across America - Saela.

Termites are increasingly active in warmer temperatures and higher humidity areas, where they can be a threat year-round.

Swarmers are the most commonly seen termite

Termite swarm - Get termite defense with Saela.

Termite repair is costly

Annual cost of damage of termites in U.S. is around $5 Billion. For most of our customers, their home is their largest investment. We work with our customers to protect that investment from termites.

Leave termite treatment to the professionals

Termite treatment is complicated, and Saela professionals can take care of your home. Here are some ways you can reduce the risk of termite infestations. Store lumbers away from your home, keep gutters clean, install screens on exterior vents, and eliminate moisture by fixing pipes prone to leaking.

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