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Spiders have earned a reputation as a popular Halloween and haunted house decoration for a reason. From having eight legs, eight eyes and the ability to create sticky webs that capture their prey, spiders can be downright creepy. That’s why it can feel so alarming to find one in your home - especially if you don’t know whether or not it’s a breed that might be harmful to your family or pets.

While spiders can help keep some other pests under control, they can in return attract different pests. Their webs and look alone make it completely normal to prefer not to have them in your home. Our Spider Protection Program is designed to get rid of these pests and keep them away for good.

When it comes to spiders, there are a ton of them. With over 40,000 different types of spiders in the world and their favorite shelter being your home, you are bound to find them. In fact, a single female spider can lay more than 4,000 eggs in its lifetime. Pest control experts have been studying how to control these pests for over 100 years and the studies have shown that recurring pest control services are more effective than a single service. Spiders just always find a way back in without consistent protection around your home.

Saela takes this information into account, along with our own studies, for every service we perform. We will protect your home and give you peace of mind against these unwanted pests.

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Saela offers a comprehensive pest control program near you in  that protects every part of your property. Saela offers comprehensive pest control services that protects every part of your  property.
Saela is a top pest control company near you in .

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Saela offers customizable pest control services in  that will exterminate a wide range of common household pests.

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  • Why Are Spiders Hard to Exterminate?

    If you’ve tried common DIY methods or store-bought sprays/traps, you’ve probably noticed that they aren’t as effective as advertised. You’ve also probably wondered why spiders are hard to exterminate. The truth is, spiders are harder to get rid of than many other pests due to their volume and size. Spider control requires specific techniques with professional graded products. Since a spider’s legs allow them to walk relatively tall above the ground they require products that can get into their nervous system just by touching their toes. These products have to be placed in the right way too so that’s why most DIY efforts and store-bought methods don’t work.

    With consumer-grade sprays, it’s hard to kill a spider unless you spray it directly. Even then, most of the spiders in your home are the ones you don’t see.

    Sticky traps might seem like a good idea since spiders can be so difficult, but those should really just be used to monitor activity in that small area. Many companies use sticky traps as their main source for spider control to make you feel protected but really all it’s doing is just leaving behind an eye sore. Sticky traps only reach the spiders that are walking in that direct path, but what about every other inch of your home, inside and out?

    A recurring, professional, spider control service is the best way to keep a home spider free. Training and knowledge are invaluable when it comes to pest control, and it’s something that you should look for when choosing a pest control company. At Saela, all our service specialists are trained with the skills needed to approach any spider or pest problem.

  • Common House Spiders

    There are more than 40,000 known species of spiders around the world. Humans don’t regularly come in contact with the majority of these, so it can make it hard to know what type of spider has taken up residence in your home. It can also be difficult to determine if the spider is harmful, and what the best approach is to remove them.

    Depending on what region of the world you’re in, the sort of arachnids that might find their way into the house varies. In the United States, there are a few common house spiders that might be helpful to become familiar with. Knowing distinctive markings and traits is useful in determining if the spider is harmful or not, and can be helpful when hiring your spider control company.

    Some common house spiders in the states include the aptly named American House Spider, all the way up to the infamous black widow or wolf spider.

  • Removing Outside Spiders

    Whether it’s a corner in the garage or a porch covered in cobwebs, sometimes spiders can get a little too close for comfort, even outside the home.

    Removing spiders from outside, by creating a constant barrier around your home, will help keep them from encroaching inside your living space. There are a lot of DIY mixtures and methods out there but, even though they may have a temporary impact, they won’t have the sustainability a professional service can give you. Especially since half the battle is just understanding how to treat, what to use in what climate and what habits your specific pests have.

    The professional treatments from Saela are a great way to keep your home protected and your porches spiderweb free, but there are also practical steps you can take to keep your space clear. Since spiders are attracted to other pests that they can prey on, regular yard maintenance and cleaning can keep your outside spaces free of excessive spiders or infestations.

  • How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

    Have you ever found yourself wrapped up in a book or enjoying a night with the family when, suddenly, the sensation of something crawling on you startles you? It can be a night ruiner and might have you racing to find a way to keep spiders out of the home.

    An online search might give you a lot of various home remedies. Everything from vinegar to peppermint oil and even hairspray have been claimed to be spider repellants. There are many myths out there like these and most have little to no effect on spiders. They especially don’t have any long-term effects on them. They won’t protect your home from new spiders getting in, laying eggs and creating new invasions. Since spiders are hunting other pests you have to prevent all other pests from getting in.

    Once again, keeping a generally tidy and clean home is a good way to start controlling pests and spiders. Regularly cleaning closets or shaking out textiles that have been sitting for a period of time can keep spiders from getting comfortable.

    Keeping spiders out of your home is best achieved through the regular, long-term application of spider removal treatments from a professional spider removal company. The right company will have the knowledge, products, and techniques needed to keep you safe and protected.

    The spider control services from Saela will bring you more than just immediate, temporary removal. We keep your home healthy and family safe from the annoyance and possible dangers spiders can bring. Our guarantee and free re-services is something you can be at ease about.

  • What is the Best Way to Kill Spiders and Keep Them Away?

    As previously mentioned, there are several different ways people try to get rid of spiders. There are many ways to kill a spider - but keeping them away is another story. Most products sold at the hardware or local grocery store aren’t meant or created to be long-term solutions.

    Sticky traps are really just to monitor a small area and will have very little results. Then most sprays wear off quickly and are mostly only effective if sprayed directly on the spider.

    Home remedies can leave a residue and are ineffective when you really need them.

    And of course, there’s the time commitment that’s needed for successful spider control.

    Keep your home and family healthy and away from potentially dangerous spiders by using a proven, kid and pet-safe spider control service provided by Saela. Investing in pest control is about more than prevention, it’s about staying healthy and having peace of mind knowing your home can fully be enjoyed.

  • Does Pest Control Get Rid of Spiders?

    If you’ve ever wandered the pest control aisle at a home improvement store, you might wonder why using a service like Saela is really necessary. Unless you’re facing a severe infestation or have found poisonous spiders in your home, professional spider control may not even be on your mind.

    Being free of spiders forever may not be an entirely realistic goal. After all, spiders are a part of nature and there are quadrillions of them out there. However, it’s entirely reasonable to want your home protected and free of spiders - especially the dangerous ones that could hurt you or your family.

    Studies show that consistent pest control efforts with the right techniques and products are much more effective at keeping these eight-legged friends out of the house instead of one-time treatments. In fact, since spider hatching cycles happen every 2 to 4 weeks, a one-time treatment won’t provide much of a long-term solution at all. If you’re looking to get rid of spiders in the home, a professional pest control service is a proven method with real results.

Spider Removal with Saela

When you choose to go with professional treatment and services, you’re investing in a long-term solution to controlling the spider population, inside and out of your home. At Saela, our products will always be the highest quality. They are kid and pet friendly but our knowledge is what further sets us apart. We invest heavily in our training, research, and development so that we can provide you with the most effective service for any type of pest you are dealing with. Our products are approved by the National Pest Management Association and our service quality is consistent and award winning.

As a defender of public health, Saela is dedicated to keeping your family and home safe. Our spider protection program is designed to keep these pests away. Using Saela also means receiving excellent customer service, our superior technology, quick response time and free re-service.

If you’re looking for spider control near you, contact Saela to get pricing for our award-winning service!

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I have been using Edge, for years now and have never given them a review. Everyone has always been wonderful! Communicative, friendly, informative, and professional. I would recommend them very highly to anyone! Thank you for your great service! 👍
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We've been using Edge for about 7 years and have been happy with their services. The Customer service is always responsive which is really great! All the technicians have been really professional and communicate any concerns if any and are thorough.
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Melissa Sparks was great. Look forward to have her back.
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Edge Pest Control Service is an outstanding company! Melissa has come right on time to inspect, answer questions and concerns, and take care of all of our needs in the most friendly, considerate, and professional manner. We couldn't ask for better, or a more comprehensive solution! Thank you! D May, Parker
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Melissa was great! Professional, knowledgeable, friendly and helped us locate a crack in our exterior, placed mesh for us to keep rodents away!
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