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The Best Solutions For Backyard Mosquito Control

Mosquito proofing your yard can seem like a very daunting task, and it is hard to know where to get started. You know that mosquitoes are annoying and dangerous but how do you keep them away? We have compiled a list of what works and what does not work when it comes to mosquito yard control. Investing in mosquito-proofing is investing in your backyard picnics, cookouts, and summer days spent outside.

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  1. Use DEET or another Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered mosquito repellent. If you're camping, hiking, or partaking in another backyard activity, we highly recommend using mosquito repellent to reduce your chance of being bitten. Deet was developed by the United States Military in the ’40s to assist with jungle warfare during World War II. Most mosquito repellents now contain Deet because of its proven effectiveness.
  2. Use Picaridin, another safe and effective mosquito repellent that is CDC and EPA approved. It is safe for all ages and pregnant women. Picaridin was developed in the ’40s and derives from black peppers. Companies often refer to it by its official name of Icaridin and is just as effective as DEET.
  3. Oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE) is one of the few “natural” repellents that has substantial scientific evidence to back it up, not to mention EPA approval. Be sure to select a repellent that contains at least 30% OLE.
  1. The wristbands made to repel mosquitoes are an accessory that emits sonic waves to deter pests. These items do not have EPA approval and have minimal evidence to support the claim that they can protect your whole body.
  2. Citronella candles are not an effective way to protect your guests. There is no evidence to support that citronella, in candle form, will effectively repel mosquitoes. This is because they put such a low concentration of citronella in the candles and what is emitted from the candle is an even lower concentration, thus making it ineffective.
  3. “Natural” sprays also lack approval from the EPA. It is best to stick with the repellents that are EPA approved, even when they involve more chemicals. The oil of lemon eucalyptus, or OLE, is the closest to an effective and natural mosquito repellent you can get.

The next most important step in mosquito-proofing your yard is eliminating any and all still water on your property. The only environment necessary for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs is stagnant water which is why all still water needs to be targeted.

  1. Check all around your home for water left on any tarps, dipped garbage can lids, and potted plant saucers. Make sure your window wells are cleaned out and allow the water to properly drain. These are prime locations where female mosquitoes can lay eggs and wreak havoc.
  2. Check all water features for any cracks in the piping or any stagnant water towards the mouth of the spouts. This includes taking a look at any birdbaths you may have, as those are prime water collectors. Landscape ponds are also usually stagnant for too long and pose a threat as well.
  3. Maintain rain gutters to keep water moving efficiently. Rain gutters are often clogged with leaves and debris, especially during the autumn season, and they must be maintained or else they work against you. Clogged rain gutters can be great hosts for mosquitoes, giving them even more places to lay their eggs. Keep your rain gutters clean and intact for the best mosquito control results.
  4. Sprinklers should not run longer than necessary and their spray should be concentrated on your grass. Do not let your sprinklers wander to other parts of your property, especially onto things that will create small puddles of water. Check for broken sprinkler lines often. Sometimes a broken sprinkler can go unnoticed which could create a pool of very damp grass that mosquitoes thrive in.
  5. Rain can play a huge part in whether your backyard is mosquito-proof. Keep your surfaces drained and patrol your yard after a rainstorm. This will help you identify the spots that collect the most water so you can empty them. Do not just let rain sit in the crevices of your property.
  6. Lastly, make sure your windows are secured and have the proper window screens in place. The last place you want mosquitoes is inside your home. They can lay eggs in moist rooms like the bathroom or be attracted to a drain in your basement so make sure they don’t have any easy entry points inside your home.

Now, these suggestions will help but whether these precautions have been taken or not, the most effective mosquito control is when you turn to professional mosquito extermination. Mosquito control specialists make it their job to rid you and your family of these pests safely and efficiently so you can get back to enjoying your yard.

  1. Hiring a professional mosquito control service is the last step to fully enjoying your backyard. Qualified mosquito control companies, like Saela, know how to eliminate mosquitoes and keep them away. With products and treatment techniques designed to kill existing and future mosquitoes, while eliminating their larvae and eggs, Saela will help you quickly cut down your current mosquito population. Our multi-step process covers an inspection, initial service, and ongoing treatments to ensure these dangerous pests are eliminated from your property.
  2. Get frequent services to keep the mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes are relentless and will come from all over the place. Not to mention, the outdoor elements destroy even the best mosquito protection products over time so constant maintenance is required. A one-time service does not exist and you probably wouldn’t want it to as that would most likely require a lot of harmful chemicals or maybe even a bubble around your yard. Luckily, Saela offers a long-lasting product with free re-services so you can always be protected when enjoying your backyard.
  3. Make sure your mosquito yard service uses products that you will be happy about. At Saela, our products are highly effective for insects and insects only. In fact, what we treat will only stick to the mosquitoes and is less toxic than table salt to humans. So you can be at ease while your family, friends, and pets enjoy your mosquito-free yard. We also wanted to make sure your protection holds up against the harsh elements. That’s why we’ve invested in iCap technology products that are micro-encapsulated. This just means that our service will last for months through the heat, wind, rain, and snow, instead of disappearing hours after treatment. This slow-releasing product will linger on foliage, exterminating any future mosquitoes it comes across.

To have the best mosquito yard control you’ll need to apply all of these solutions. Mosquitoes are always evolving and there’s a lot of them. This is why they require a little more attention and thought from both you and a company like Saela. We are confident that as you apply these steps you’ll have the protection you’re looking for and the backyard you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to go enjoy your yard again.

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