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Natural Mosquito Control Is it Safe?

The annoying buzz and painful bite of mosquitoes are enough to drive anyone crazy. Not only are mosquito bites bothersome, but they're also dangerous. As well-known disease vectors, mosquitoes carry and transmit hundreds of bacterial and viral diseases. Mosquito control, when done properly by a professional company, is far safer than the risk that mosquitoes pose.

We understand that it is natural for people to be unsure about the safety of mosquito control products. The chemicals used by some companies come with warning labels that cause uneasiness when it comes to the safety of your children and pets. However, at Saela, we only use approved products that are about as toxic as table salt is for humans and pets. Our products allow you and your family to be at ease and remain on your property while we perform your service. Our goal is to eliminate mosquitoes in a way that you can feel safe. We can guarantee that our natural mosquito control is completely safe and secure for you and your family.

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Our staff is educated with frequent training on product safety. We keep our staff up to date on mosquito knowledge from our team of entomologists and we equip them with the latest tools. With safety as our priority, using the latest mosquito control technology means we will provide that natural but effective mosquito protection throughout your yard that will keep you smiling

The problem with searching out natural mosquito control remedies you can do yourself is that they just aren't very effective. You can read more about do-it-yourself mosquito products here, but most of these “natural products” just leave you unprotected and open to mosquito bites and diseases. Research shows that they leave you with a false sense of protection with minimal results. To ensure mosquito control safety you need to know where to treat, which products to use, and when to use those products. Some products in the wrong places can actually do more harm than good which is why we’ve invested heavily in our training, continued research, and high-quality products. All Saela service specialists go through rigorous multi-week training before they start and then continue their training while our on-staff entomologists are constantly improving the safety and effectiveness of our service.

We only use products approved by the EPA. EPA stands for "The United States Environmental Protection Agency." They are an independent agency of the United States federal government charged with enforcing environmental matters and the safety of our natural resources. Reliable, professional mosquito control companies will always use EPA-approved products but only some will use the highest quality of these products. The difference between the lower-end products, like what you can find at your local hardware store or the products the “cheaper” companies use, compared to the higher-end products is in the safety, longevity, and overall effectiveness of the product. While all these sprays have been developed to harm and kill mosquitoes, they are considered child and pet-friendly. The first step homeowners need to take when looking to protect their property and family from the dangers of mosquitoes, is to make sure the company you are considering is using EPA-approved mosquito control products.

Next, homeowners will want to make sure their mosquito control company invests in the highest quality products. Our EPA registered spray is a natural derivative that has been developed to be extremely effective against mosquitoes, while irrelevant against humans and mammals. This is done through what’s called iCap technology. This technology means that the product designed to get rid of the mosquitoes is microencapsulated in a protective shell. This little shell is hydrophilic, which means it’s only attracted to water or the fatty exoskeleton of the mosquitoes. So when the product comes in contact with our skin it rolls right off but when a mosquito touches it, it sticks right to their body and then gets absorbed inside. This slow-releasing solution also means that as the mosquitoes come in contact with other mosquitoes it will transfer the product designed for elimination, resulting in more backyard protection for you. This type of safety, combined with the fact that our product's toxicity level for humans is compared to table salt, means that you can even be playing in your yard when Saela comes to treat.

An additional benefit that should not be forgotten about the high-quality products we use, is the longevity iCap technology provides. A product that is microencapsulated in a protective bubble will have a much longer lifespan than most of the powder-based products on the market. The reason is that our products are being protected from the harsh elements. Heat, wind, rain, and snow are the primary reasons why pests, like mosquitoes, can lay eggs in your yard shortly after a natural mosquito control product was placed from another company or store-bought product. The outdoor elements will quickly destroy your hard-earned money if the product being used isn’t a part of our standard microencapsulated technology. This slow-releasing product, combined with our misting techniques creates a solution that will linger on foliage during the rain or shine for months to come eliminating mosquitoes or other pests it comes in contact with.

The products we use and the way we treat them will only leave a positive environmental impact. Our misting techniques and products provide a clean way for you to get mosquito protection without damaging your plants or nearby water sources. We take our role in providing an essential service designed to keep our living environment clean and sanitary very seriously. So you can rest assured knowing that the products we use have been researched thoroughly and tested rigorously to meet those goals.

Our priority is to provide a world-class service that simply works from a long-lasting company you can trust in. That’s why we have structured our business in a way that features the leading talent in the industry, first-class research and training for our service specialists, and the highest quality products and tools. As we’ve designed our service we’ve done it with your results in mind. You want a service that just works. One you don’t have to keep thinking or worrying about. One that is there when you need it and easy to communicate with. You want a service and company that lasts. One that values the industry and is dedicated to improving this essential service instead of just using it as a platform to “sell-off” later on. This is why Saela is the most unique pest control company in the industry and why we’ve become a leader in the pest control space in such a short amount of time. We are proud and confident to say that our service is built unlike any other company out there.

We prioritize quality and work to find ways we can be held to the standards of excellence that you deserve. That’s why we are proud to be QualityPro certified, BBB accredited, have Associate Certified Entomologists on staff, and are heavily involved with the National Pest Management Association , along with their supporting organizations around the nation. In fact, our CEO served as president of one of these organizations called the UPMA. We love the standards these organizations hold us to. We are dedicated to constant improvement so as we associate ourselves with these people we are inspired and learn how to better serve our customers.

Many people throughout Saela provide decades worth of knowledge and research in the pest control space. Our COO has worked in the pest control industry for more than 24 years and has helped design a service that truly lives above the competition in effectiveness, longevity, and overall satisfaction. We have entomologists on staff who are pushing our service further as we adapt to their newfound research and studies. As the mosquitoes evolve and adapt, we are right there with them.

These commitments to excellence come from our values and goals of being a long-lasting organization. There are so many shortcuts being taken throughout the pest control industry. When companies see how complicated it is to reach our standards or how many resources are needed to invest in the quality we seek, they stick to offering a cheaper service that ultimately jeopardizes you and your family's protection and satisfaction. Our commitment to this industry and your overall health and protection will not be beaten. So when you are thinking about mosquito treatments and whether they are safe or not, you can take comfort in Saela’s long-lasting commitment to public health and enjoy your mosquito-free yard.

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As a Defender of Public Health, we have developed a Protection Program that will keep Mosquitoes away.

Saela offers a comprehensive Mosquito Control Program designed to get rid of mosquitoes and keep them away in . Saela offers a Mosquito Control Protection Program that targets potential harborage areas and designed to get rid of mosquitoes and keep them away in .