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Professional Mosquito Control

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Professional Mosquito Control

Should I Hire a Professional for Mosquito Removal?

Are you tired of ending your BBQs early after being driven inside by a swarm of hungry mosquitoes? These annoying pests can quickly ruin any summer day or cook-out plans. Not only are their bites an itchy nuisance, but they can also spread dangerous bacterial and viral diseases. With professional mosquito control, you can take back your yard and protect your family from these deadly pests. Saela’s Mosquito Protection Program was designed to tackle your mosquitoes, once and for all.

Our Three-Step Process:

When you schedule our mosquito exterminator service, your property will be treated in a three-step process.

  • Property Inspection – Our professional mosquito control experts will perform a thorough property inspection, searching for breeding areas and mosquito harborage sites. These will be the key areas that we spray, in addition to other areas that have the potential to attract mosquitoes.
  • Initial Spray – Our EPA registered spray is a natural derivative that has been developed to be extremely effective against mosquitoes. This slow-releasing product will linger on foliage, exterminating any hidden mosquitoes.
  • Scheduled Re-services – Frequent spraying during peak season is key to eliminating mosquitoes. We schedule our treatment days in advance with you. Our product is less toxic than table salt, so you and your family can remain on your property while we perform our services.

Hiring a professional for mosquito removal is the best option when your backyard event start including conversations about mosquitoes. There are many companies out there claiming to provide the protection and care you are looking for but most fall short. Saela offers free re-services, excellent customer service, extensive knowledge on mosquitoes’ weaknesses and how to handle them, equipment specifically engineered to handle mosquitoes, and the consistent quality necessary to keep the pests away for good.

Our customer service line would be more than happy to take your call and answer any further questions you have on our products, services, and establishment.

Save your summer barbeques – and every summer barbeque after – by taking a chance on Saela.

As a Defender of Public Health, we have developed a Protection Program that will keep Mosquitoes away.