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Professional Mosquito Control

Should I Hire a Professional for Mosquito Removal?

Are you tired of ending your BBQs early after being driven inside by a swarm of hungry mosquitoes? These annoying pests can quickly ruin any summer day or cook-out plans. Not only are their bites an itchy nuisance, but they can also spread dangerous bacterial and viral diseases. With professional mosquito control, you can take back your yard and protect your family from these deadly pests. Saela’s Mosquito Protection Program was designed to tackle your mosquitoes, once and for all.

Our Three-Step Process:

When you schedule our mosquito exterminator service, your property will be treated in a three-step process.

  • Property Inspection - Our professional mosquito control experts will perform a thorough property inspection, searching for breeding areas and mosquito harborage sites. These will be the key areas that we spray, in addition to other areas that have the potential to attract mosquitoes.
  • Initial Spray - Our EPA registered spray is a natural derivative that has been developed to be extremely effective against mosquitoes. This slow-releasing product will linger on foliage, exterminating any hidden mosquitoes.
  • Scheduled Re-services - Frequent spraying during peak season is key to eliminating mosquitoes. We schedule our treatment days in advance with you. Our product is less toxic than table salt, so you and your family can remain on your property while we perform our services.
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When faced with a mosquito infestation, your initial reaction may be to wear more mosquito repellent and burn some citronella in hopes that it would go away by itself. Another reaction might be leaving out herbs and spices you heard can keep them away because they don’t use chemicals. Naturally, you may be afraid of putting chemicals all over your yard where your children and pets play. This is a valid concern, of course, you would not want to expose your family to anything harmful.

These natural remedies, however, lack any real results. Many scientific experiments have been conducted and proven that these natural remedies, similar to essential oils, do not make any lasting difference in keeping mosquitoes away.

In the effort to avoid chemicals, you risk getting the bug bites you tried to avoid in the first place. The fear of chemicals is natural, and it’s understandable to want to keep your family, friends, and pets safe. This being said, it is important to understand how different chemicals are harmful to different things.

At Saela Pest Control and Mosquito Services, we mist your property with products that are about as toxic to humans and animals as table salt, making it perfectly okay for you and your pets.

The materials we use to get rid of mosquitoes attach to the insect - and the insect only. The material is specifically engineered for the places mosquitoes hide, and attaches to their exoskeletons.

Saela’s mosquito product is microencapsulated, making it durable in harsh elements. This results in longer-lasting protection. This technology means getting the quick results you need for that last-minute backyard BBQ, while simultaneously getting a slow-releasing solution that reaches as many mosquitoes as possible - for months to come.

This effect cannot be achieved with any DIY efforts. This technology and special strategy is engineered by teams of licensed professionals whose job is to effectively eradicate these pests.

Knowing when and where to treat mosquitoes is just as important as knowing what products to use. Our professional entomologists are constantly researching and improving our service and products. We are confident that you’ll experience different, less effective, results with other companies like Orkin Mosquito Control, Terminix Mosquito Control, or Mosquito Squad. Saela provides all the dedication and benefits you are looking for.

Saela guarantees nine factors when performing our services:

  1. A 24-hour response time. How many times have you been placed on hold, penciled in, or been told your appointment will be in 1-2 weeks? With Saela, you can expect your service within 24 hours of calling us, and most of the time even the same day! We understand that you don't want to spend any more time with your pests so we've structured our service with your urgency in mind.
  2. The highest quality products possible. Saela only uses the best products approved by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). Saela and the NPMA are dedicated to keeping your family safe through the use of kid and pet-friendly products. You have our guarantee that if we find a better product or way to protect your home, we will implement this new strategy as fast as possible.
  3. Knowledgeable professionals who are trained frequently - very frequently. Our training process is ongoing and unlike any other service out there. If you allow someone into your home, you want to be certain they know what they are doing. All Saela service specialists go through rigorous multi-week training, while on-staff entomologists are constantly improving our service. Some members of our executive team are Associate Certified Entomologists to ensure you receive the highest possible quality of service.
  4. Consistent quality. Too often you see pest control companies pull out all the stops on their first visit and then slowly fade away with less frequent treatments or even an inferior service. Pests and mosquitoes aren't going away anytime soon and neither should your service quality. Saela gives you the best treatment, every treatment.
  5. Free re-servicing. “One size fits all” will never apply to pest control. If a particularly tenacious pest is threatening your family, Saela will be more tenacious to fix the problem. Give us a call and we'll make sure your pests go back to where they belong.
  6. Largest coverage pest protection plan. With Saela, you can rest easy knowing our core protection plan covers more pests without extra worry or hassle. Completely protecting your home and family from pests should not be an extra burden on your wallet. Mice, voles, wasps, spiders, and many other common pests all come standard with Saela.
  7. Priority customer service for everyone. Saela is constantly evolving to find the quickest, easiest, and most time-efficient ways of taking care of you and your family. Modern technology combined with our drive to take care of your family means you will always be our #1 customer.
  8. Credibility and Standards of Excellence. QualityPro certifications, Associate Certified Entomologists on staff, and NPMA Membership are endorsements that can't be misrepresented or exaggerated. Saela is a leader in the industry with tens of thousands of happy customers and is here for the long term with zero plans to treat your business as a bargaining chip to sell out.
  9. Advanced Technology for Prolonged Results. We use specialized equipment, custom software to document progress and automated processes which means your family and home will have the best coverage possible in the pest control industry. No more writing those notes down and hoping it gets seen.

Mosquitoes are not something to take lightly. As well known disease vectors, mosquitoes carry and transmit hundreds of bacterial and viral diseases, even in the United States. Hiring a professional is your best bet to properly handle removing mosquitoes.

Saela also has an entire article devoted to this subject, feel free to check it out to further learn what you can do to keep your yard safe and clean from any mosquito-spread diseases.

Hiring a professional for mosquito removal is the best option when your backyard event start including conversations about mosquitoes. There are many companies out there claiming to provide the protection and care you are looking for but most fall short. Saela offers free re-services, excellent customer service, extensive knowledge on mosquitoes’ weaknesses and how to handle them, equipment specifically engineered to handle mosquitoes, and the consistent quality necessary to keep the pests away for good.

Our customer service line would be more than happy to take your call and answer any further questions you have on our products, services, and establishment.

Save your summer barbeques - and every summer barbeque after - by taking a chance on Saela.

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As a Defender of Public Health, we have developed a Protection Program that will keep Mosquitoes away.

Saela offers a comprehensive Mosquito Control Program designed to get rid of mosquitoes and keep them away in . Saela offers a Mosquito Control Protection Program that targets potential harborage areas and designed to get rid of mosquitoes and keep them away in .