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Centipede Pest Control

There are many annoying things about centipedes: They multiply quickly, move at night, and are fast. These factors make it hard to even notice them in your home, but the most concerning thing about centipedes is that they don't come alone. These arthropods are exclusively predatory, so if you've got a centipede problem then you also have a spider, beetle, or some other pest problem.

Centipedes are attracted to moist areas like tubs and basements, but they will also set up residence in closets or pantries when given the chance.

If you've encountered a centipede or two and are searching for a centipede exterminator, look no further than pest control services at Saela. Our methods are thorough and ensure those annoying bugs won't, well, bug you any longer.

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  • Centipedes, like most pests, live near food sources — wherever other pests are found. Did you know most centipedes are carnivorous? They tend to eat soft-bodied insects, spiders, worms, and even other centipedes. Damp areas like under logs are a popular residence for these annoying creatures. If you've found centipedes, it's most likely because they've found a welcoming area with a good food supply.
  • Centipedes are tricky to handle and can pose a health threat to both you and your loved ones. Centipedes can be dangerous since they can bite and sting.
  • It is advisable to contact a professional who will easily deal with centipede extermination. Professionals like Saela have the necessary experience and resources to deal with centipedes.
  • One crucial aspect of hiring a pest control professional is that they know how centipedes live and what is required for your unique situation. Saela will take care of any centipede issue and help return your home to a place for creating memories, not worrying about potential pest problems.
  • Stop spending time, energy, and money on trying to rid yourself of these pests. To completely get rid of them requires several different methods, unique to your home, that your pest control professional will be able to identify and take care of for you.
  • Centipedes are as annoying as any pest. Since centipedes hunt other pests, whenever you see one in your home it's normally a sign that several other pests are close by, so it's important to call an exterminator right away.
  • Avoid trying to catch or eliminate the centipede yourself. If necessary you may take a picture, but a simple and straightforward explanation of the problem is all professionals like Saela need to understand what you are dealing with. We can return your peace of mind and keep your home healthy and safe with our thorough centipede pest control services. No need to spend extra time worrying; give us a call and we'll take it from there.
  • Centipedes like damp, dark environments. After extermination, it is important that you keep your house as dry as possible. Some centipede species will even come inside your house searching for food or moisture during the day and then return to their moist, dark homes at night. Be sure to clean up any leaky pipes or damp areas so centipedes can't establish a good home on your property.

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    Time is money, and we value your time. At Saela, our response time is the fastest in the industry. Instead of waiting a week to get your service, most of our customers receive their service within 24 hours. In many cases, service can even be provided the same day you call. Stress no more. Be with your family and create memories that matter.

  • Well-Trained Staff

    It's unwise to get a service specialist who is less knowledgeable about centipedes - this will leave you with a higher chance of receiving poor quality service. We train our service specialists on pest behavior, their habitats, products to be used for each pest, and how to best protect homeowners from future invasions. We understand that pests evolve with time, and that is why we keep our service specialists up to date on the latest studies put together by our entomologists.

    Our trained service specialists have all the knowledge needed to address your unique situation, so you don't have to spend the time becoming a pest expert yourself!

  • Quality Products

    At Saela, we guarantee the best products in the market. We have utilized modern technology to assure maximum efficiency when it comes to dealing with centipedes. We cover these pests within our Protection Program that feature defense against many other pests, free re-services, and our guarantee that we will take care of your pests for you.

    With our expertise and quality products to guide your pest control needs, you’ll gain back time to spend with loved ones. There’ll be no need to spend any energy fretting about keeping your home healthy and safe from pests.

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