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Beetle Control

Beetles are insects that occasionally come into homes and mostly feed on natural fibers like wool, silk, cotton and hair from pets. When you get into contact with beetles, it is important to seek professional help because they can cause some health problems like asthma with long-term exposure.

Searching for a beetle exterminator doesn’t have to be a hassle. With Saela's beetle control, your home can be rid of these unwanted guests.

How Harmful is a Beetle?

Beetles tend to avoid humans but they can cause rashes if they bite. These pests leave their droppings and feces wherever they go, making them undesirable for a clean home but worst of all, breathing in the filth they leave behind can cause health issues. It is best to avoid areas with beetle infestations as much as possible.

Long term exposure to beetle dropping can lead to asthma. This respiratory condition can make it difficult to breathe, with severe cases needing inhalers to help keep airways open during an attack. This is certainly the most concerning potential side effect of a beetle problem, and an even greater reason to seek professional help with beetle removal.

Saela offers award winning beetle extermination services.

Why Are Beetles in my House?

The key to this answer is vested in your understanding on what beetles are or what they can do. Without this sort of understanding on beetles, it is advisable to contact a pest control company like Saela for insight on beetles and how to get rid of them.

Beetles will invade your home when they have an access point such as an unsecured floorboard or window frame that can be used to enter your space. More specifically, the adults will most likely fly in through the open doors and windows on warm evenings or crawl up through vents if you leave them unsealed. Once inside, female beetles lay eggs at random in carpets and furniture in high-traffic areas where people walk often. This includes bedrooms, hallways, living rooms and kitchens.

Of course, every beetle is different and there are hundreds of thousands of different species of beetles. To best understand how the beetle you are seeing entered your home and how to get rid of it, just give us a call.

When to Call Beetle Extermination?

If you see the bugs crawling on your carpet, this is a sign there’s probably many more inside your home that you don’t see. It’s best if you called for help from a professional company like Saela. beetle extermination is difficult and tricky to attempt alone. There are numerous products available, but without the right knowledge of the problem it can be confusing to know where to start.

There are several products on the market promising great results, but it’s easy to waste your money by purchasing insecticide that does not work effectively. Additionally, laying down product is also just the tip of the iceberg; effective removal also requires using product correctly and understanding the amount of product to use. You may get insecticide that only terminates the adults leaving behind the eggs, meaning they’ll just come back.

How Are Beetles Exterminated?

A lot of companies handle beetle extermination by creating the most uncomfortable environment. You can also get rid of the eggs by simply regularly vacuuming your carpets, as you usually would.

At Saela, our services involve applying products that are more efficient and have a long-lasting effect. Our beetle products will stick on the legs and hairs of the beetles and get transported to other beetles and their eggs, terminating them more permanently. This method is methodical and brings long-lasting results.

Can Saela Manage My Beetle Problem?

It can be hard to find a genuine company that will provide you with the results and professionalism you need. Beetles can be tricky but with Saela, you are assured quality work which will eradicate beetles for good.

Immediate Response

It is quite irritating to feel pests crawl beneath your legs, and when you ask for help, you are given an appointment one week later. Delay is not the case with Saela; we have a less than 24-hour response where we dispatch our service specialists to provide you with the services you need.

Programed Extermination

Beetles are persistent, and we at Saela understand that you will need assurances that this matter will be dealt with accordingly. To deal with beetles, we offer you an initial treatment and two-week follow program that allows our technicians to take into account the progress of extermination and any possible extra work that will need to be done.

Pest control doesn’t have to be tedious or time consuming. We know your time is better spent on things that really matter; things like creating a warm and inviting home, pursuing passion projects and making memories that don’t center around bugs. With a call to Saela, you can have the time to do all that — and have a pest free home. Contact us today to get started!

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