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How Long Does Spraying for Ants Last?

When you have ants to get rid of, you want to know that whatever ant control method you choose will be effective and lasting.

Store-Bought vs. Professional

Spraying for ants is a popular ant elimination method. But are all ant sprays created equal?

  • Store-Bought Sprays
    If you’ve ever used store-bought ant sprays, you may have been dissatisfied with the ineffective, temporary results. As if failing to get rid of ants wasn’t enough, some store-bought sprays can even make ant problems worse.
  • Professional Sprays
    Hiring a professional to spray for ants can make all the difference. Professional products are effective and long-lasting. Once ants have been eliminated, regular professional product application keep your home pest-free.
Saela has the top professionals to help with spraying for ants.

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Need spraying for ants in ? Contact Saela, we get rid of ants and keep them away with the help of our high-quality products, professional techniques, expertise, quarterly services, and free reservices.

Why Doesn't Ant Spray Last Longer?

Store-bought ant sprays last only a short time. Professional pest sprays offer longevity that store-bought sprays simply can’t.

Reapplications Keep You Protected.

Even though professional products have better staying power than store-bought ones, they still require reapplication. Variables like weather, temperature, and time cause product barriers to eventually deteriorate. Rather than allow your home to be exposed to ants once the product barrier is compromised, Saela keeps your home pest-free by reapplying pest control products during our quarterly services and free reservices.

Ants Are a Year-Round Problem.

People often think of ants as a summer problem, but that’s not the case. During the colder months, resources are scarce leading ants to seek them out in your home. Your warm home full of resources like food and moisture is very appealing to ants. Since ant activity doesn’t just occur in the summer, treating them shouldn’t either. Spraying for ants year-round is vital to keeping your home ant-free.

Does DIY Ant Control Work?

Many customers try DIY methods before contacting us only to find that getting rid of ants is more complicated than they anticipated.

Eliminating ants takes knowledge of ant biology, species, behavior, pest control products, professional techniques, and using that information to eliminate ants.

For instance, one scent can repel some ants and attract others. This is the kind of information we use to bait and eliminate ants. Pest control attempts can fail without an understanding of intricacies like this.

Without the vast knowledge and experience needed to target ants, the average person can’t eradicate them as effectively as professionals can.

While using store-bought pesticides might eliminate a few ants, they aren’t the most effective or longest-lasting solution.

Some commonly suggested DIY ant remedies include bleach, cleansers, essential oils, sprays, baits, and traps. Studies have shown that these DIY methods are useless at preventing and getting rid of ant infestations.

Of the various DIY methods that exist, essential oils and herbal remedies are the least effective. This likely isn’t surprising, but customers are often surprised to learn that even many store-bought pesticides don’t work very effectively.

Even when an ant nest is destroyed, there are often surviving scouting ants. These ants can form a new colony and build nests that are harder to access and better able to withstand pest control attempts.

Having the right products and knowledge is crucial to eliminating ants. Once ants are eliminated, regular services and reservices will keep ants away.

Saela uses quality products that are effective, long-lasting, and human and pet-friendly. You don’t even have to leave your home while we service it.

The Saela Advantage

When you determine that spraying for ants is necessary, turn to the industry leaders in pest control. Turn to Saela.

What makes us a pest control industry leader?

  1. Team of Experts
    The Saela team includes ACE-certified entomologists who develop training and ongoing education for our service specialisits. Our service specialists are QualityPro accredited. Our emphasis on education and training means our expert team knows the best way to eliminate the pests in your home and keep you pest-free.
  2. Fast Response Time
    Your time is valuable. When you notice ants in your home, you want them gone immediately. We schedule pest control services with your urgency in mind. With Saela, you’ll never wait weeks for an appointment. More than 80% of our customers have their homes serviced within 24 hours of contacting us. When you need us, we will be there in no time.
  3. High-Quality Products
    Your safety is our priority. It’s why we use high-quality products that are human and pet-friendly. Our products are less toxic than table salt, so you won’t even have to leave your home while we service it.
  4. Free Reservices
    Another benefit of our Protection Plan is that it includes free reservices. If you see ant activity between your services, give us a call and we’ll re-treat your home for free.

With thousands of happy customers, Saela is the industry leader in ant control.

Leave spraying for ants to the professionals. We’ll get the job done right. Learn more today!

Saela offers top ant spraying services near you.

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