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Ants may be small, but they can still cause significant problems.

Wondering what kind of ant you’re dealing with before starting ant control? Here are a few species of ants commonly found in homes:

Sugar Ants

Sugar ants are attracted to sweet foods like honey, jelly/jam, cake and sugar. Because sugar ants are drawn to food, moisture and warmth, they can be found in kitchens, bathrooms and warm areas of a home in search of these resources.

Sugar ants are difficult to remove from homes once their colony has become established due to their high populations, tendency to have multiple branches of a colony known as “satellite colonies”, and because they regularly relocate. They often carry food waste from the trash, floor, sink drain, and other unhygienic areas. They compromise the cleanliness of a home. Sugar ants are also known as odorous house ants and coconut ants.

Fire Ants

Fire ants live in warmer climates like those found in the Southern United States. Fire ants are a venomous species that swarm and deliver painful stings when threatened. Fire ant stings are painful and lead to blisters that can last for 3-10 days or even result in an emergency room visit.

Fire ants are more likely to be found outdoors than indoors. They are drawn to sunny, warm areas where there is water and food available. Fire ants create their nests by burrowing into the earth which results in a mound. These nests can be between 2 and 4 square feet.

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are named for their tendency to live around sidewalks and driveways. Pavement ants are commonly found in and around homes and are most active at night. They eat many different foods including seeds, pet food, and foods that are sweet or greasy.

Like their name suggests, pavement ants are likely to be found and build their nests near sidewalks, curbs, stones, driveways, and other similar areas. When trying to locate a pavement ant nest, look in areas where they are commonly found for disrupted soil.

Red Harvester Ants

Red harvester ants are often confused with fire ants because they are also red and sting. However, red harvester ants are larger than fire ants and are less likely to bite.

Red harvester ants are drawn to sunny, open areas. You can locate their nests by looking for bare areas of soil. Red harvester ants eat seeds, fruits, vegetables, and insects and are likely to be attracted to areas where those things are available. Watch for red harvester ants around things like bird feeders and gardens.

Other Species

Some winged ants are confused with termites. Ant species range in color from black and brown to red and even yellow. Our team is unique because we hire expert entomologists, so you can be sure we can accurately identify what species of ant we are dealing with and which treatment is the correct one for the pests in your home.

False Assumptions Hinder Success.

Many homeowners attempt to get rid of ants themselves instead of calling the professionals. Homeowners often make a couple of common false assumptions when they try to get rid of ants themselves:

  • That they know what species of ant they see in their home.
  • That they are using the right category of product.
  • That a one-time pesticide application will be enough to get rid of the ants in their home and keep them away.
One-Size-Fits-All Is Insufficient.

There are over 12,000 ant species which means the one-size-fits-all approach store-bought pesticides offer isn’t enough. Balancing the right knowledge, training, products, and technology is the best way to get rid of ants and keep them away for good.

Saela treats each ant situation with a custom ant control plan. Some of the most common ants we encounter are sugar ants, red harvester ants, pavement ants, and fire ants, but we can identify and address many ant species.

Can DIY Make Things Worse?

Addressing ant infestations using DIY methods or store-bought pesticides is tempting to many homeowners. Unfortunately, taking this route often results in only short-term success or can even make ant problems worse. DIY methods and store-bought pesticides can get rid of a small portion of a colony, however, when a mature colony is pushing 75,000 ants you’ll need something much more effective. Not to mention, ants learn to avoid pesticide and can even overpower it due to the sheer volume of ants.

Eliminating only a small part of an ant colony will trigger a pheromon alarm which could result in the queen creating new reproductives faster than her normal cycle. In some cases, this could mean that she just created another queen. These new queens will begin their own colonies leading to more ant problems, only in separate locations now. Store-bought insecticides do little to treat pest problems effectively enough to really wipe ants out or keep them from returning.

Leave It to the Professionals.

Whether you need sugar or fire ant control, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Professionals like Saela. Our knowledge and experience enable us to eliminate pests safely and effectively.

Saela is a pest control industry leader. We have a lot of tools on our side that we use to eliminate ants.

Saela Is Armed With Knowledge.

At Saela, our Associate Certified Entomologists and QualityPro specialists are highly qualified and can identify and correctly treat your home.

Saela Uses Science-Backed Methods.

In addition to using high-quality, professional products, we also know how to apply them. After servicing your home for the first time, we will return quarterly to keep your home protected against ants.

Saela Offers Expert Pest Control.

Another advantage of our pest control service is the convenience that comes with it! Rather than struggle to address ant infestations yourself, Saela expertly eliminates the ants in your home and prevents them from returning. We use human and pet-friendly products, so there is no disruption to your life when we service your home. You do not even have to leave during your service appointment.

Identification Is Key.

The first step of our treatment process involves identifying which of the over 12,000 ant species has made its way into your home. With so many ant species, a one-size-fits-all approach is insufficient. Each type of ant responds differently to the various methods and products available. At Saela, we know how to address any ant species you find in your home, so whether you need a sugar ants treatment or treatment for another type of ant, we have got you covered.

Ants: Difficult To Eliminate?

Ants are one of the trickiest pests to eliminate because of their high populations. The number of ants that exist within a colony or several means it can be difficult to get rid of more than a few ants at a time. When a pesticide is applied, it can be worn down as ants walk through it when they follow their established trial. After a pesticide has killed a few ants, the other ants will begin to avoid these spots because they recognize that they are dangerous. If a pesticide stresses a colony, but does not wipe it out, it can cause the queen to produce more queens who will go off to form their own colonies, leaving you with more ant problems in the future.

Ant species, high colony populations, multiple nests within a colony, and intricacies of ant behavior and biology are all variables that make it difficult to get rid of ants. Regardless of the variables involved, acting quickly to proactively to eliminate an ant problem is imperative to keep it from becoming more severe.

Why Are Ants in My Home?

Ants are attracted to food, moisture, shelter, and odors found within your home. Something as simple as a spilled drink on your counter or a leak under the bathroom sink can cause an ant colony to begin trailing into your home. Sealing any points of entry into your home, keeping food areas clean, and preventing moisture from accumulating are all measures you can take to protect your home against ants.

What Is The Best Ant Control?

Whether you need preventative pest control or are looking for a specific service like fire ant control,Saela guarantees we will deliver the best ant control to keep your home healthy and free from ants. Do not waste your valuable time and money trying to address an ant problem yourself using methods that do not work. Turn to the experts. Get pricing today!

Saela offers professional ant control for fire ants, red harvester ants, and sugar ants.

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