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Ants, often seen scurrying around our homes and gardens, play a crucial role in our ecosystem, but they can also become unwelcome guests when they invade our living spaces. Understanding the specific type of ant you are dealing with is vital for effective ant control.

In the realm of ant control, particularly for fire ant control in Kansas City, KS, it's essential to rely on trustworthy and experienced professionals. Saela's expertise in this field stands out, offering reliable and efficient solutions tailored to the specific ant species you're encountering. Our approach is not just about eliminating the immediate problem; it's about understanding the behavior of these common ants to provide long-lasting relief from infestations.

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Should I try to get rid of ants myself?

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Many homeowners attempt to get rid of ants themselves instead of calling the professionals. Homeowners often make a couple of common false assumptions when they try to get rid of ants themselves:

  • That they know what species of ant they see in their home.
  • That they are using the right category of product.
  • That a one-time pesticide application will be enough to get rid of the ants in their home and keep them away.

There are over 12,000 ant species which means the one-size-fits-all approach store-bought pesticides offer isn’t enough. Balancing the right knowledge, training, products, and technology is the best way to get rid of ants and keep them away for good.

Saela treats each ant situation with a custom ant control plan. Some of the most common ants we encounter are sugar ants, red harvester ants, pavement ants, and fire ants, but we can identify and address many ant species.

Common ant species.

Sugar Ants
Fire Ants
Pavement Ants
Red Harvester Ants
Other Species

Quality sets us apart.

Because we want you to enjoy your home without pests, our service will always be of the highest quality. Compare our service with other pest control companies - we are confident that our service maintains a superior standard.

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Can DIY make things worse?

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Addressing ant infestations using DIY methods or store-bought pesticides is tempting to many homeowners. Unfortunately, taking this route often results in only short-term success or can even make ant problems worse. DIY methods and store-bought pesticides can get rid of a small portion of a colony, however, when a mature colony is pushing 75,000 ants you’ll need something much more effective. Not to mention, ants learn to avoid pesticide and can even overpower it due to the sheer volume of ants.

Leave fire ant control in Kansas City, KS to the professionals

It's best to leave fire ant and other common ant control to the professionals. Professionals like Saela. Our knowledge and experience enable us to eliminate pests safely and effectively.

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Choose Saela sugar and other ant treatment in Kansas City, KS.

Saela stands at the forefront of the pest control industry, combining expert knowledge with science-backed methods to deliver exceptional ant control services. Our team, comprised of Associate Certified Entomologists and QualityPro specialists, is not only highly qualified but also deeply knowledgeable in identifying and effectively treating your home for ants. We pride ourselves on using high-quality, professional products and applying them with precision. Our commitment to your home's safety extends beyond a one-time service; we offer quarterly returns to ensure continuous protection against ants.

Our approach is designed to eliminate ants efficiently and prevent future infestations, all while ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life. We use products that are safe for both humans and pets, allowing you to remain in your home during service appointments. With Saela, you experience the ease of professional pest control combined with the assurance of ongoing, expertly-managed ant prevention, keeping your home ant-free and your life uninterrupted. Inquire about our pricing today and take the first step towards a pest-free home!

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  • Jennifer Sprink

    We used to get notifications (text)letting us know they were on the way and who the tech was. It was so nice. I don't know why that stopped?? Please bring it back.
  • Richard Haile

    Great service and professional recommendations
  • Melanie Farris

    Our technician Trey is very kind and professional!
  • kay mccallop

    Saela's associate informed me of issues I needed to take care of so to keep the pesky rodents out of the residence. Seala offered to fix for a price that was reasonable. Informed me of the issue and fixed the same day. Thank you Saela. Appreciate your service
  • Richard Rogers

    “Five Star service from a Five Star company.” No complaints. I’ve always been satisfied with the service of Saela.
  • David Rawles

    Our initial experience was good. Then I found out I was locked into a two year contract which I cannot afford. The charges that were explained to me and what I am paying every three months, the latter being quite a bit higher! They have been very responsive to coming out and doing retreating as we continue to have a problem area in our home.
  • Gaye Holroyd

    Everything was great. Kept in contact when arriving. Was very polite and did a great job . Haven’t had any pest problems since we started with this company.
  • JDale Didde

    Neil was on point and serviced our property quickly and efficiently.
  • Raymond Cardy

    Very knowledgeable.
  • Kathy Brecheisen

    Arturo was a very cool, polite guy. The product does exactly what it’s supposed to do - eliminate our pests.
  • Jared Browning

    Matt is an absolute professional. Exceedingly courteous and knowledgeable. More than willing to address and explain any concerns. Top notch technician. I would not be surprised If he’s the best technician you have. he goes way above and beyond to explain things and to help me To know what I can do about invading pests. On a scale of one to 10 I would give him a 20. He’s definitely somebody you don’t want to lose.
  • Arthur Wientzen

    Excellent service and communication
  • Bruce Groninger

    He was here very little time and I didn't see anything done but maybe a little bit of a Dusty of cobwebs. That's pretty expensive for just that service!!!!!!
  • Theresa Grammer

    Always nice and on time. And I haven’t had pest problems since working with them.
  • Deborah Vanoy

    They tell you in advance when they’re coming, they are respectful of your property, they ask if you have areas of concern and they are very professional. They’ve always gone over above and beyond!!!
  • Sherry Miller

    I thought it was strange that the tech got water from the outlet in front of the house. I asked him why as that had never happened before and he said that his tank was broken and it stated in the contract that he was allowed to use the water. In my opinion if he had broken equipment why in the world would he be sent out to service customers? Shoddy service if you ask me. Fix your equipment before sending technicians out to perform services.
  • Mary Riley

    Matt is very friendly and thorough in his work.
  • Tara Cowan

    The last technician that came out was very polite. Great job!
  • Fred Grant

    I have been completely satisfied with the service and would recommend them to others looking for insect control.
  • michael linell

    Great job

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