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Our Story


Our first logo design

Andrew Richardson quit his job in the storm of the worst Recession since the Great Depression and started a new company in his parents-in-law’s basement.

His vision wasn’t just to start his own business, it was to build something great—a culture that would lift others and improve their lives. Saela Pest Control was born on October 8, 2008.


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Denver opened it’s doors for business in 2009—the lowest point of our economy’s recession..

We didn’t have much our first year—we slept in the same room with mattresses on the floor and had only a couple of desks and folding chairs. However, we worked long hours and were able to generate $606,000 our first year without any outside investors or debt financing.

Our first check

Our first truck wrap

Our first service…in the middle of nowhere

Andrew was getting a part for one of our pumps and he met a man who had a house out in the middle of rural Colorado along with an RV that was infested with mice. Andrew made the long drive to the property to help this man out, perform our very first service and collect much needed revenue to keep us afloat.

Our first truck wrap

Our logo gets it’s first update

Our first service


Generated Revenue


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We were determined to succeed

We continued to work long, hard hours to make Saela successful. We insisted on not pursuing debt financing or outside investments, and that decision would help shape the direction of our company.

We started to make some upgrades

After a year, we had a little more money that allowed us to upgrade to a nicer desk, a couple of extra trucks, and some new uniforms. Even though we were still pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps, there were a lot of exciting things to look forward to.

Drew Scarbrough joined Saela in 2010 as a sales manager

Daniel O’Donnal joined Saela in 2010 as a sales manager


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We set up a corporate office

We leased an office space in Provo, Utah and set up our Corporate Office. We now had a centralized Headquarters where we could manage and run our different locations.

Andrew finalizing on our new corporate headquarters

Our new corporate office in Provo

As we grew, we continued to develop our culture of focusing on others and improving their lives.

Dave Lainhart joined Saela as a Sales Manager in 2011

Hector Gonzalez joined Saela as a Sales Manager in 2011


Generated Revenue


Total Employees


Andrew finalizing on our new corporate headquarters

More memories were created as we were able to give back to our people by taking them on amazing trips and excursions

For the second year in a row, Saela expanded its operations and opened a new location.

With successful years in both our new markets, Kansas and Austin, Saela opened up the Utah branch, while welcoming on new partners and managers.

The first Desire Chart was created in 2012 to help define our Root Desire as an Organization and connect the necessary logic and emotion to achieve our desired results.

Door-to-door marketing made pioneering pushes in 2012 increasing our contract values and multi-year agreements in order to establish a culture of acquiring high quality customers and building a Long-Lasting Profitable Organization


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Our 2012 logo update.

We updated our branding and switched from trucks to Ford Transits

We brought our Brand Development and Design in-house, updated our logo, and upgraded our fleet from trucks to Ford Transits. These moves raised the standard and expectation.

Tim Richardson and Jake Dupaix joined us, which was soon followed by the founding of eNex Solutions and eNex Support.

eNex Solutions and eNex Support was founded

As part of our vision, we created E Entities which was the parent company of Saela, eNex Solutions, and eNex Support.

The opening of a new office brought new opportunities.

eNexus was released, which was the predecessor to Pestmate.

After years of development, we released eNexus, our proprietary software, for company use. We also released two apps – eIuvo for the Operations Team and eVisus for the Sales Reps.

Tim Richardson, Saela CIO


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With the success of our existing locations it was time to expand again.

The Portland branch was opened in 2014 by brothers Kyle and Bryce Cayton. The branch’s first summer was a huge success.

We added in-house Media Production to help spread our message.

We outgrew our walls and expanded to multiple levels in our complex.

At the end of 2014, we outgrew our current space and expanded to multiple levels throughout our complex. We expanded from the second floor to a newly remodeled third floor. We were rapidly growing and it would soon be time for a move to a larger space.

Lawn Care was added in select areas as our first additional service line extension

Blaine Richardson, Saela COO


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Total Employees


We rebranded eNexus as PestMate and took it to the Industry.

PestMate made a huge splash at its release at PestWorld 2015 in Nashville. We were well-received by the pest control community and the impact we had led to great connections and networking that prepared us for future growth.

eIuvo was branded as PestPad and taken to market.

Andrew, along with other Executives, focused on leading eNex and expanding their efforts to build PestMate.

Door-to-door marketing continued to break records and propel growth.

We made the Inc. 5000 for the first time.

With a 253% 3-year growth rate, we made the Inc. 5000 List with a ranking of 1605. This was a huge accomplishment and a reflection of the great people who made it happen.


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Total Employees


Our first vision day was held in 2016

Vision Day was born and in 2016. Our company held our inaugural Vision Day, setting landmark goals including 5-6 new branches, 500 employees, and $50 million in revenue by 2019. This was one of the first steps in re-aligning our efforts towards building Saela as a Long-lasting Profitable Organization.

Andrew – Our Leader & Visionary

After thoughtful evaluation of where we were as a company, Andrew decided that to get where we wanted to be, we would need to focus on building Saela with a powerful 3-prong approach. Andrew and the other executives brought PestMate exclusively back in-house, retained their previous positions with Saela and began the huge push to make Saela a $50 Million company.



Saela partnered with BYU

Saela became the premier sponsor for Brigham Young University’s (BYU) Athletics program, establishing ourselves as a household name, and positioning ourselves to be a top recruiter in the summer-sales industry.

Saela takes advantage of recruiting opportunities created by their partnership with BYU.

Our first year focusing on acquisitions went well as we began to join with like-minded companies.

The Saela Culture Curriculum was given an update as new videos, content, quizzes, and other materials were developed and created to share The Saela story and Culture Andrew had designed

We made some great accomplishments and won many awards in 2016

The Saela Brand Unification Project

In order to create a more cohesive brand, we made several updates and changes. We updated many of our practices and guidlines within our departments. We added a “Lift and Bless” logo to share the company message, as well as created a new wrap for our service vehicles.

Mosquito Control and Premium Rodent were added in select areas as addition service line extensions and product offerings


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Total Employees


Saela – Corporate Headquarters

We had outgrown the current building we were in, so after doing the research and weighing the options, we bought a new place to call home. The new building not only gave us room to grow, but it had great facilities and was a fantastic platform to grow our brand.

Vision Day 2017 Highlights

We made some additional adjustments and updates to our visual brand.

The Saela logo was updated to include our flat Saela Green color, as we did away with the 3d versions we used previously. We also updated our van wraps to further separate ourselves from the competition.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of all our employees, we continued to grow and accomplish great things.

We joined the NPMA and were able to make the Inc. 5000 List 3 more years in a row for a total of 4

Desire Chart updated



Generated Revenue


Total Employees


Brand Updates

We decided to remove the tagline “The Service Company”. As our brand recognition grows, the shorter and more simple our logo is, the more memorable our brand becomes. We also updated our Lift & Bless logo to Lift & Create for better dissemination of the company message.


As we strive to build Saela into one of the world’s leading companies we fully accept the responsibility to build a Long-lasting Profitable Organization that will allow others the opportunities to create and grow. We are extremely grateful for what we have built and look forward to all the challenges and successes that the future holds.

The future is promising.