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Saela offers professional ant control in Dallas.

Ant Control in Dallas

Eliminating Ants is Difficult.

Ants are easy to attract and difficult to eliminate. Controlling ants yourself can seem nearly impossible. There are over 12,000 species of ant, and each colony may have multiple nests. The number of ants in a single colony, let alone several, and the intricacies of things like ant biology, behavior, and the number of species make getting rid of ants complicated.

Why Saela?

Saela is an award-winning pest control company. When you hire Saela for your ant control in Dallas, you don’t have to worry about things like messes, ants making your home feel dirty, or trying to manage those pests yourself anymore! Our comprehensive science-based Protection Program and expert service specialists get rid of ants for good.

Saela Gets Rid of Ants.

Each ant situation is unique, which means a one-size-fits-all approach is insufficient. Without expert knowledge, the right products, and a customized, science-based plan of attack, you won’t be able to eradicate ants as effectively as professionals will. Saela's service specialists identify each pest and determine the best way to treat them with the help of our entomologists.

Feel Like You Have Tried Everything?

At Saela, we understand how frustrating it is to have ants in your home and try to get rid of them yourself. For an ant elimination plan to be successful, it must ensure that pest products will get back to the nest. If a treatment fails to do this, ants can come back even stronger than before.

Let us take care of your pests, so you don’t have to. Our superior knowledge, technology, and customer service make Saela the best choice for your pest control needs. We’re here to end your search for ant pest control.

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Saela offers a comprehensive pest control program near you in Dallas that protects every part of your property. Saela offers comprehensive pest control services that protects every part of your Dallas property.
Saela is a top pest control company near you in Dallas.

Customize your service to your individual needs.

Saela offers customizable pest control services in Dallas that will exterminate a wide range of common household pests.

Pest Protection Program

Your Service

This service will take care of most common pests you encounter. We protect you from:

  • Saela offers expert pest control services near you in Dallas to keep your property pest free. Ants
  • Contact Saela today for award winning pest control near you in Dallas. Spiders
  • Saela is a guaranteed pest control company in Dallas that includes cockroack control services. Cockroaches
  • Saela offers affordable and effective pest control near you in Dallas. Wasps
  • Saela is the Dallas rodent and pest control company that you can count on for all exterminator needs. Mice
  • Saela offers expert pest control services near you in Dallas. Voles

Contact us for a complete list of services.

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The service specialists at Saela provide top ranked pest control services in Dallas.

For those rodents that take a little more work

With our Rat / Mole upgrade, we get rid of any rats or moles in addition to your regular Protection Program

  • Upgrade your Pest Protection Plan with Saela to include rat pest control services near you in Dallas. Rats
  • Saela is a Dallas pest control company that offers expert mole removal and extermination. Moles
  • Saela is the rodent and pest control company that you can count on for all mice exterminator needs. Mice (for projects larger than the garage plus one room)
Upgrade Your Service with Rat/Mole

Saela's Ant Program

Expert Service Specialists = Superior Results.

Not all pest control companies are alike. Not only do we invest in high-quality products at Saela, but we also invest in our team by placing an enormous emphasis on education and training.

What does this dedication to education look like? Our team includes expert entomologists who regularly review our products and develop our service specialist’s intensive training and ongoing education about the most current pest information available. These efforts have resulted in us having some of the most expert service specialists in the industry.

Our service specialist's expertise is how they identify and treat ant species in your home effectively. Our team's extensive knowledge coupled with our superior products and techniques are how we deliver consistently superior results. It’s what sets us apart from other ant pest control.

Are Ongoing Treatments Necessary?

Saela's Ant Protection Program is an involved, multi-step process. Every ant situation involves many different variables, so we must account for them to eliminate pests. We tailor every service plan we perform instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Once our ant control plan has eliminated ants by getting the products back to the nest, the next thing we have to do is keep them from coming back. We do this by balancing the right techniques, products, timing and knowledge.

Ants Are GONE With Saela.

Our customized Protection Plan includes the comprehensive treatment of key problem areas. Areas may include:

  • Fence lines
  • Exterior structures
  • Transition areas
  • Eaves
  • Windows
  • Garages
  • Decks
  • Foundation barriers
  • Interiors

The Saela Difference

Saela is the trusted leader in pest control. We are confident that we will eliminate the ants in your home using our high-quality products and expert team. We’re committed to keeping your home clean, comfortable and pest-free.

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Saela provides award winning pest and mosquito control services that are safe for pets and children.

Family and Pet Friendly

Saela offers professional insect pest control services with guaranteed pest-free results.

We Guarantee Our Service

Saela provides free re-services as part of their award winning pest control and bug exterminator program.


Aspects of service
Edge Premium Services checklist includes year round pest control and lawn care with a full guarantee and free re-services.
Full 6-foot Perimeter Barrier

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The Daily Herald The Best of Utah Valley 2017 - 2019 Reader's Choice Award for Pest Exterminator Services.
Saela is proud to be QualityPro certified for their award winning services to exterminate pests.
Saela is proud to be in the PCT Top 100 companies for rodent control.
Saela is proud to be apart of the Utah Valley UV50 top 50 fastest growing companies for the years of 2016, 2017 and 2018 for their outstanding pest exterimator services.
Saela is proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for their excellent insect pest control.
Saela is proud to be a part of the Salt Lake Tribune Top Places to Work in 2016 - 2017 as an outstanding local pest control company.
Saela is proud to be recognized by Inc. 5000 Honor Roll Five-Time Honoree as an outstanding and quality pest control company.
Saela is proud to be a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the years of 2016 and 2019 as a top exterminator.
Saela is proud to be awarded the Utah Valley Fast50 quickest growing businesses.
Saela keeps an Associate Certified Entomologist ACE full time entomologist on staff to provide the best pest control experience possible.
Saela is proud to be a member of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) to provide the highest quality of pest control service possible.

We're value-driven and service-oriented, so you can live your life free from distractions.

Raised price without any notification. Found out after service when saw receipt. Service was minimal / not as thorough as it has been since 2013. Will probably have to discontinue service due to $20 increase. Very disappointing.
— christie Johnson
Posted February 10th 2022
Agent did a thorough job. Hope your policy re: employees allows them adequate time to service each home?
— Geraline Nulan
Posted September 28th 2023
Excellent service by melissa
— Joe
Posted September 27th 2023
They were quick to address an issue of finding a black widow spider. Thank you Frank explained very well all he was doing.
— Irene Hall
Posted September 26th 2023
I had some spiders show up between services. They came out the next day and took care of everything. Highly recommended
— Cory Large
Posted September 26th 2023
The tech came on time and he texted us in advanced to let us know he would be at the place within 30-40 mins. He explained what he was doing and why he was doing it. He was very nice and thorough.
— J&O Homes
Posted September 25th 2023
I had a wasp problem, and a spider problem, The technician evan did a great job.
— Charles Bush
Posted September 22nd 2023
So far Edge has been wonderful. They definitely work with my, not so flexible, schedule. The salesman wasn’t pushy and the techs are very accurate and precise. Customer service has also been very kind. Services exceed my expectations.
— Samantha Marquez
Posted July 31st 2020
Evan did a great job today! The time I talked to share locations for the inside glue traps with the representative on the phone who restarted my service, however, we’re not provided to him on the system, so I needed to use my break during my call/work meeting to show him where they are located
— Rachel Leone Marx
Posted September 21st 2023
We had Saela Pest Control come out to inspect and treat our home. Antonio did a very thorough job removing several wasp nests and thoroughly spraying the inside and outside of the home. We are very pleased with the service!
— Leonard Jones
Posted September 20th 2023
Very professional and courteous on site for the inspections and work performed. Very informative and addressed all areas we requested. Over the phone representatives very courteous and timely as well. We were recommended to Edge (now Saela) and will continue to do business with them. Update: will no longer work with them. What was initially good service ended poorly. Tried to lock us into a service agreement with fulfillment of service being very poor. The visits after our initial merited no results. Had wasps getting in the house and active all around the house, spiders still active as well (found a black widow and had to kill it myself). Ended up going to the store to buy the traps necessary to address the pests ourselves. One of their techs suggested that it would be better to buy from the store vs hire them. If you do work with them, would advise going month to month or no service at all. That way you don't have to deal with the service agreement.... not worth the few dollars you would end up saving.
— Ryan E Sanders
Posted June 4th 2022
Tyler took my concerns very seriously and took extra efforts in explaining and making me feel more comfortable.
— Pat Williams
Posted September 3rd 2023
Timely and thorough service, professional Technicians.
— Chad Moller
Posted August 5th 2019
Saela responded same day with a yellow jacket problem that we were having. Their technician explained everything he would be doing. He showed me pictures of other nests he found around our home. He was efficient and effective. Highly recommend!
— Melissa Urquidi
Posted August 22nd 2023
Everyone is so friendly and professional. They do a great job and explain in detail what they did and why
— kenneth rustin
Posted August 21st 2023
I am a repeat customer from Edge. Called to restart service & everyone was great, professional & on time. Was able to come same day!
— Jen Snyder
Posted August 19th 2023
Initially the product seemed to be working great, but it has rained every day since treatment and the ants have returned and seem to be totally unaffected by the product. We'll see how follow up treatment goes.
— Wendy Mungai
Posted August 8th 2023
Went well
— Iola Neumayer
Posted July 27th 2023
From flying ants to sneaky mice, Saela pest control has been there for us year after year.
— Nathan Reed
Posted July 21st 2023
Always do a great job over the years
— Papa Oaks
Posted July 20th 2023

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