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Dallas Earwig Exterminators

Earwigs, or cerci, are weird looking insects with forceps like claws that protrude from their abdomen. They come in a variety of colors, with most being brown or black. Earwigs are night feeders, so that is why you mostly see them crawling in the evening or in darker places within your house.

Earwigs transmit infections to humans; chief of them being cellulitis , a bacterial infection. When you come across an earwig, there’s probably many more close by so it’s time to call a pest control professional.

Let your earwig extermination be handled by professional Dallas earwig exterminators, like those at Saela. We will keep them from coming back and keep you protected.

As mentioned above, the easiest way to identify an earwig is by the pincers on its behind. These “claws” can be intimidating and leave you with a pinch. Earwigs usually get into your home through windows and doors. Window wells are also a prime place where earwigs tend to thrive. Normally leaves or debris build up in this well that creates fungi earwigs feed on.

Finding earwigs in a window well often means  centipedes can also be present, since centipedes often hunt for pests like earwigs.

Other places you are likely to find this bug include under your sink but near pipes, on window sills, woodpiles, and mulch piles, around the house foundations from the inside, as well as in outdoor garden spaces.

How do you know if you have an earwig problem? The answer is actually pretty simple: If you find one earwig in the daytime, there could be hundreds more hiding out of sight. We’ve been amazed by the amount of earwigs we find dead outside a day or so after we service a home.

When you contact Saela, you will not need to wait. Most of our customers receive their service within 24 hours from signing up. Your service specialist will provide a thorough service that targets the earwigs breeding grounds.

Saela has years of experience in and our entomologists have created the perfect combination of services to keep earwigs away. Your service specialist will determine the best treatment necessary for your area and home.

If you sign up for the Saela earwig protection program, that’s just what you’ll get: total protection with our rigorous methods. Some of the main parts of our service include a 6-foot perimeter barrier around the base of your home. We will treat around every entry point on the first level and even make sure we protect the eaves of your home since these pests can crawl up into vents or even into your roof. Then we will make sure the inside of your home is protected as well. We make sure to cover every entry point and walk way these pests might come across so they will take our slow-releasing product back to their nests. These are some of the standard things we do for our earwig protection service but if we are noticing a change in behavior for these pests in your area, we might include some different strategies. This is what makes our service so unique. We are constantly studying these pests so we can be as effective as possible for you.

Some extermination companies ask the family and pets to vacate the premises for treatment to take place. With Saela, you can enjoy your home while we perform treatment since our products are pet and human-friendly.

Our products do not terminate the pest immediately; what happens is our product sticks on the earwig as it goes to nest during the day; it infects the rest of the insects, terminating the source of the issue. On the first day or two after a treatment, it’s common to see an increase in activity. This just means that our product is working and the earwigs are trying to figure out what’s going on. Since they don’t like to be out in the open, seeing increased activity after we service is a good sign and indicates that you’ll soon be free of these annoying pests.

Free Reservices

In between the earwig protection schedule, one might have slipped through your barrier or a new nest became activated. So if you see any activity just contact us, and we will sort things out with a new service right away. You will not have to pay a dime since this service is in between your protection program services.

Interior and Exterior Service

Earwigs can live both indoors and outdoors, and that is why when you contact us, we do not only treat the source, but we also provide you with a treatment plan by targeting the places earwigs are likely to infest.

Many times, the best treatment for earwigs is a very narrow crack and crevice treatment, as opposed to large area treatment. Decks, windows and doors are also part of the service plan since earwigs access the house via these points.

With our services, you’ll have peace of mind that these pesky pests aren’t invading your home. Instead of spending time worrying about how to get rid of them or prevent them, we’ll take care of the dirty work and let you focus on creating a safe, cozy home that’s bug free.

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