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Highly competent, professional employee
— Winfield Pate
Posted December 9th 2021
Extra spraying completed for our downstairs area. Thank you Chris for closing an open slider as well.
— Richard Redfield
Posted May 22nd 2020
We have been dealing with an unusual problem. Brent has been alongside us through the 3 month ordeal & I think today we had victory! We so appreciated his determination to get this done!!!
— Sharleen Sayers
Posted September 26th 2023
Great people and good service.
— Karen McGrail
Posted July 8th 2022
Just had my first service so it's too soon to vouch yet for effectiveness. However great response time and cost. They were able to make it out same day in less than 4 hours and explained a lot.
— Jennifer Chavez
Posted September 23rd 2023
Good job, Thanks
— Mic Tru
Posted June 26th 2023
Saela is a highly effective mosquito and bug repellent service. The company notifies you a few days before service is due and also 30 minutes before arrival. They do not spray flowers or milkweed to protect butterflies food source. I have not had any bites since I started using the service and am able to sit outside at all hours. I recommend Saela Pest Control.
— Mary Sanborn
Posted September 22nd 2023
Too early to report whether the service works or not, but what I can say is that everyone has been very polite, professional, and friendly. Our tech called 30 minutes prior to arriving and arrived at the exact time he said he would. He was efficient and handled the task at hand with ease. So far so good!
— Joe M
Posted September 21st 2023
They were honest, very knowledgeable, and gave my family a very good deal. Would definitely recommend and use in the future. Thank you so much for everything, and the peace of mind!
— Jennifer Grove
Posted September 19th 2023
I called so many places and this place was the best! Their service is great. The people are great! I am so happy I went with thema
— Karen Lee
Posted September 15th 2023
Great staff and explains the work.
— ebjshops2
Posted September 14th 2023
New. James did another phenomenal visit and he was as thorough as always. He answered all of our questions, gaves us some helpful tips, and put our minds at ease. Saela (formerly Edge) team was professional and friendly, thorough and patient. They have dealt with bees and pocket gophers, as well as the usual insects and othe bugs. After treatment they always ask if there is anything else and take care of it if there is. Highly recommend! Even though Thomas treated our home during one of the worst rain, hail, and thunderstorms ever he was still concerned about our well-being. Today he again provided excellent service with notifications and follow-up. Saela (formerly Edge) provides consistent top-notch service. Thanks again!
— Clifton Smith
Posted December 11th 2019
The technician was very personable and professional. He did a very good and thorough job
— Carol Soares
Posted January 13th 2022
We have been customers for over 3 years. Their service, flexibility, and overall professionalism is unmatched.
— Jai Clack
Posted September 12th 2023
Service was excellent and I enjoyed the time I had with the technician. Very professional and easy to talk to.
— David Castro
Posted August 8th 2020
Great response time, definitely would recommend!
— Aaron Capps
Posted August 30th 2023
The wasps were scary but he destroyed their nest and one by one they were dropping out of the sky. Thank you. I have my deck back.
— Jackie Bekeza
Posted August 26th 2023
Great service
— Maca Macaman
Posted September 6th 2022
Chris was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I was able to get same day service for a spider problem, for a discounted rate. Absolutely recommend this company! Everyone I talked to was awesome.
— Tomarra Carey
Posted August 21st 2023
Had our first treatment today (7/20). The representative, Zack, was able to walk me through the steps of what he would be doing and answered any questions I had along the way. When I initially called Saela, I felt pressured from the salesman to sign up, which is usually a red flag for me, but figured we'd give them a shot anyway. Thus far, we are happy with the service, and I look forward to leaving my next review with the update. Update: It's been a month since our first treatment. The last appointment itself went well, but we've had more bugs than ever appear inside and outside the house over the course of the month. Normally, it's a spider or two downstairs, but it's been a few different beetles, ants, and spiders. I also didn't notice any decline in mosquitos over the last month. My other complaint is a lack of communication. We were notified that we were scheduled for last Thursday (8/17) for our follow-up appointment. We reached out to inform Saela that the date was not open for us and to push to that Friday. We were informed that we could reschedule the interior appointment to Friday, but they could not reschedule the exterior. That worked for us, so we agreed. A few hours later, I received a text stating that our appointment for Thursday had been postponed and will now take place 8/21. It is now the day of, and no window of arrival has been provided. I have reached out and been met with silence through their chat option. This is frustrating as my boyfriend is putting his work day on hold to rush home for the appointment that we don't know when will take place. 2nd Update: It's been over an hour, and I did not hear back from their text/chat option. Instead, I received a call from the tech stating they are 30 minutes out from my home. Now the mad dash home begins. I will not be renewing our contract but rather will be looking into terminating services.
— Cassandra Fellows
Posted July 20th 2023
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