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As a Defender of Public Health, we have developed a Hornet Protection Program that will keep pests away.

Saela offers expert hornet nest removal services in Colorado Springs that can keep hornets out of your yard. Saela can eliminate wasps and hornets from around your home with their professional hornet removal services in Colorado Springs.
Saela offers professional Colorado Springs hornet exterminator services.

Colorado Springs Hornet Exterminator

The painful sting of a hornet is a threat to the safety of your family. Keep these wasps out of your house by hiring a professional Colorado Springs hornet exterminator from Saela.

What are hornets?

One of the largest species of wasps, hornets are a stinging insect that are similar in appearance to yellowjackets. Like other wasp species, hornets are aggressive and have painful, toxic stings. They build paper nests out of wood material and these nests are often found in attics, walls, wooden fences and trees.

Hornets are considered a pest because their nest building habits can lead to property damage and their stings are potentially dangerous. The sting of a hornet is much more painful than a bee sting and hornets have the ability to sting multiple times. For some individuals, particularly those stung multiple times, those with known allergies and the elderly or very young, the sting of a hornet can be fatal. For this reason, you should never try DIY hornet extermination or removal.

Professional Hornet Control in Colorado Springs, CO

Saela is an expert in hornet extermination and our service specialists come prepared with all of the proper gear to safely remove hornet nests. We will help you identify the source and extent of your hornet infestation, completely remove the nest (or nests) and eliminate the hornet population. Leaving a few hornets behind can mean a new nest in a few weeks, so our pest control service specialists ensure to remove every last hornet.

Don't waste any more time searching for "hornet removal in Colorado Springs, CO;" we have you covered. As the leading pest control company in Colorado Springs , Saela knows how to professionally exterminate a hornet problem while keeping you and your family safe. The products we use are child and pet-friendly, so there's no need to leave your home while we perform our service.

Ready for a sting-free home? Contact us today to learn more about our top-rated Colorado Springs hornet exterminator cost and process.

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Hornets are aggressive, invasive, and you want them gone.

Imagine taking the annoyance, worry, and frustration completely out of your home life. A life without pests - especially hornets.

Saela can keep your home and yard safe from dangerous pests with their professional hornet pest control near you in Colorado Springs.

No More Health Concerns

with disease or illness that pests can bring.

Saela can eliminate invasive pests from around your home with their expert hornet removal service in Colorado Springs.

No More Worrying

about hornets, bug bites, mouse droppings or pests damaging your home.

Saela has developed a professional hornet control program just for you in Colorado Springs!

No More Wasting Valuable Time

struggling to contain persistent hornets.

Saela can help you take back control of your yard with their wasp and hornet pest control in Colorado Springs.

No More Feeling Like You Aren't In Control

We've developed a Hornet Removal Program that just works.

Studies show that the crucial component for successfully managing pests is consistent application. Our Hornet Protection Program is designed to get rid of pests and keep them away for good. We guarantee every aspect of our service. If any concerns arise between services, we'll gladly come back out and take care of you.

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Saela guarantees service within 24 to 48 hours of inital contact on all services, including hornet nest removal in Colorado Springs.

Same-Day Service

Saela is a top ranked hornet control company in Colorado Springs that uses high quality products safe for pets and children.

Family and Pet Friendly

Saela guarantees every aspect of all hornet exterminator services provided in Colorado Springs.

We Guarantee Our Service

Saela offers free re-services as part of their award winning wasp and hornet extermination program in Colorado Springs.


Not all pest control companies are alike.

When searching for a pest extermination solution to get rid of hornets in Colorado Springs, CO these 9 factors will determine the quality of your experience.

Saela provides Colorado Springs, CO bug exterminator services services within 24 hours.

Response Time

Saela provides same or next day Colorado Springs, CO pest extermination services.

How quickly can they get to your home?

Saela is one of the top award winning Colorado Springs, CO pest exterminator companies that offers service within 24 hours.

Saela offers service within 24 hours.

More on Same-Day Service
Saela uses quality Colorado Springs, CO pest exterminator products.

Product Quality

Saela uses the best Colorado Springs, CO pest and mosquito extermination products.

Do they cut costs by using cheaper products or equipment?

Our professional Colorado Springs, CO pest and mosquito exterminators are ready to answer any questions about the quality of our products.

As part of our guarantee, we promise to only use the most effective products and equipment. This means we can't be the cheapest service available but our quality leads the industry.

More on Our Product
Saela is an award winning Colorado Springs mosquito spray company that provides top quality training and expertise.

Knowledge & Training

Saela's professionally trained Colorado Springs exterminators near me provide 100% guaranteed services.

Do they have the knowledge, experience, and training in place to be effective?

Saela technicians receive ongoing training in order to provide the best Colorado Springs local pest control services.

Saela's entomologists are actively improving our service as we find that pests are adjusting to certain climates and pest control treatments.

More on Our Training
Saela provides consistent and high quality insect pest control services near me Colorado Springs.

Consistent Quality

You will get top quality services everytime with Saela's Colorado Springs mosquito yard treatment.

Do they put on a good show for the first service? How is their second or third service?

Saela offers only the highest quality  Colorado Springs mosquito extermination.

Saela provides the same high quality service from the first service to the one hundredth service.

More on Our Consistency
Saela offers every customer free Colorado Springs exterminator re-services.

Free Re-Services

Saela is there for you every step of the way with our free Colorado Springs rodent control re-services.

Do they charge you for additional visits outside of what's on your contract?

Saela provides the best Colorado Springs bed bug exterminator services near me with free re-services.

Contact us anytime outside your regularly scheduled services and we'll come out for free.

More on Re-Services
Saela's covers more pests with our protection plan including Colorado Springs mice exterminator services.

More Pests Covered

Get rid of more than just bugs with Saela's Colorado Springs rodent exterminator services.

Are mice and voles covered? What about wasps or spiders?

You'll get control of more than just insects with Saela's Colorado Springs rat exterminator services.

Knocking nests down and laying spider sticky traps are barely a temporary fix but don't worry, Saela's protection plan will keep more than just your "easy" pests away.

More on What is Included
Saela is one of the best Colorado Springs pest control companies near me that provides top quality customer service.

Priority Customer Service

Saela provides excellent customer service for all services including our Colorado Springs mosquito treatments.

Does your company treat you as a number or are you their priority?

Saela's top priority is customer satisfaction for all services provided including our professional Colorado Springs exterminator services.

Saela will be around... forever, so customer satisfaction is our priority and apart of everything we do.

More on Communication
As an award winning Colorado Springs pest control company, Saela provides only the highest quality services.


If you're looking for a Colorado Springs bug exterminator near me with good reviews, Saela has you covered.

What are their reviews like? Have they won awards?

The professional technicians at Saela provide only the best, award winning Colorado Springs bed bug killer services.

We have tens of thousands of great reviews from happy customers along with many awards highlighting our world-class service.

More on Our Credibility
Saela always uses the latest technology when providing Colorado Springs bug exterminator services.


In order to provide the best Colorado Springs pest control near me, Saela uses the latest technology to track services.

Do they still use paper? Are their processes outdated?

Saela uses advanced technology in order to guarantee our award winning methods to exterminate difficult pests.

We meticulously track each service through tablets and our proprietary software so we can make sure your specific needs are met every time.

More on Our Technology

Take control.

At Saela, we understand the frustrations that come from hornets and we know how pest control done right can improve YOUR quality of life.

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Don't let hornets keep you from enjoying your yard, Contact Saela today for professional wasp control near you in Colorado Springs.

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Take the first step to getting rid of mosquitoes with a local mosquito treatment company in Colorado Springs by contacting Saela today.


Our experts can answer any questions you have about the service.

Get started with Saela today by scheduling your Colorado Springs pest extermination service.


Over 80% of our customers are serviced within 24 hours of contacting us.

Saela provides safe and worry free bug exterminator services in Colorado Springs directly to your home.


Relax at home while we perform the service. No need to leave.

Stop the never-ending battle with hornets. Live a life free from distractions.

The Daily Herald The Best of Utah Valley 2017 - 2019 Reader's Choice Award for Pest Exterminator Services.
Saela is proud to be QualityPro certified for their award winning services to exterminate pests.
Saela is proud to be in the PCT Top 100 companies for rodent control.
Saela is proud to be apart of the Utah Valley UV50 top 50 fastest growing companies for the years of 2016, 2017 and 2018 for their outstanding pest exterimator services.
Saela is proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for their excellent insect pest control.
Saela is proud to be a part of the Salt Lake Tribune Top Places to Work in 2016 - 2017 as an outstanding local pest control company.
Saela is proud to be recognized by Inc. 5000 Honor Roll Five-Time Honoree as an outstanding and quality pest control company.
Saela is proud to be a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the years of 2016 and 2019 as a top exterminator.
Saela is proud to be awarded the Utah Valley Fast50 quickest growing businesses.
Saela keeps an Associate Certified Entomologist ACE full time entomologist on staff to provide the best pest control experience possible.
Saela is proud to be a member of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) to provide the highest quality of pest control service possible.

We're value-driven and service-oriented, so you can live your life free from distractions.

Cares about the customers and provides great services.
— Cc W
Posted November 21st 2023
Trey was professional and courteous. He did a wonderful job of spraying inside and outside my home for pests. Keep up the amazing job!
— Michael Hayden
Posted November 21st 2023
Tyler was very professional and knowledgeable. He took time to listen to my concerns and answered my questions .
Posted November 17th 2023
Saela promptly took care of our problem!
— Stephen Wolf
Posted April 24th 2022
Have been using them for a long time with no issues!
— Mike Going
Posted November 13th 2023
Antonio is the consummate professional. He took great care while servicing my property, making certain that all areas were addressed. Since my home is in a rural area, the pests are many, particularly the mice, and he took care to spray the foundation and refilled all of the mouse bait boxes. I am hoping that he is the person who comes to care for my house in the future.
— Betti Lee
Posted November 11th 2023
Individual was extremely polite and very thorough!
— Charles Kirschbaum
Posted November 8th 2023
Melissa is a terrific tech!
— Greg Sunset
Posted November 2nd 2023
They explain the process and are very professional. Really appreciate their consistency.
— Carmon Hicks
Posted October 21st 2023
Goes out of their way to assist.
— Constance Barrows
Posted November 23rd 2022
Tyler does a great job, all class all the time
— Rick Strasser
Posted October 19th 2023
My service provider was polite and thorough. Thank you.
— Sarah Auchterlonie
Posted October 14th 2023
Tyler was outstanding in his detailed approach. Greatly appreciated!
— John Claxton
Posted October 14th 2023
I've had saela for a long time. I don't want bugs in my house biting my kids and stuff. So for me, it's a necessity. And they're a great company.
— Lindy Despain
Posted October 13th 2023
I called yesterday about a wasp problem, and Xavier came out today to treat the problem! He texted to let me know he was on his way, was very friendly and professional, and worked efficiently. We have been very happy with this company for many years.
— Erin Buckingham
Posted October 11th 2023
Xavier did a phenomenal job of treating our house. He was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly.
— Monte Dieringer
Posted October 10th 2023
So far the experience has been painless. Will give it a couple of days to determine if pests are gone
— Gretchen West
Posted October 4th 2019
Courteous, prompt and thorough.
— Pat Gehring
Posted October 5th 2023
Saela has been great! They have really taken great care of us. Tyler is awesome and is so knowledgeable and very patient answering all of my questions.
— Holly Huth
Posted October 2nd 2023
Raised price without any notification. Found out after service when saw receipt. Service was minimal / not as thorough as it has been since 2013. Will probably have to discontinue service due to $20 increase. Very disappointing.
— christie Johnson
Posted February 10th 2022

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