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How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

We’ve all been there: You walk down the stairs or through a doorway and immediately become a karate master after walking right into a spider web. Though these webs may be the perfect Halloween decoration, they aren’t fun to have around or run into - neither are the eight-legged friends who make them.

They say knowledge is power, and that’s certainly applicable to start keeping spiders out of your home. You might be looking for a spider spray company in Colorado Springs, CO but knowing why spiders may be attracted to your house in the first place can help you know what to look for when getting the house sprayed for spiders.

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Spiders are predators by nature and use their webs to catch their prey. It just so happens that their food of choice includes many other insects, including ones that often appear in homes.

Even the most well-kept, clean homes can have the insects spiders like, and since spiders are so small, they’re always able to find their way in through the small openings around a window or door, a crack in the home’s foundation or even an open pipe or vent.

Just like you and I, spiders are also attracted to places they’ll stay safe and dry. They’ll often find their way inside for shelter and warmth, and can be found just about anywhere, from kitchens to basements and bathrooms to bedrooms.

Some places spiders like to hide:

  • Dark, undisturbed places
  • Corners, cupboards and closets
  • Storage boxes, piles of paper or cardboard
  • Occasionally even laundry, bedding and toys

Since spiders love the shelter your home can provide, the best way to deter spiders is by removing their food source, aka all other insects. Having your house sprayed for spiders and other pests regularly is a great way to take preventative measures that keep spiders away. A spider spray company near you, such as the pest control services from Saela, are designed to protect your home and keep it safe, healthy and the perfect backdrop for creating bug-free memories.

There are thousands of spider species - more than 40,000 - and the majority of them are relatively harmless to humans. In fact, most do not bite unless threatened or aggravated.

Out of the most common spiders we find, there are two types that are a cause for concern, should you find them in your home: the black widow and the brown recluse.

These two dangerous species have markings and features that make them stand out from other common house spiders. If you find either a black widow or brown recluse in your house, swift action is advisable. If you or a loved one suspect you may have been bitten by one of these, seek medical attention immediately. Poisonous spiders inject venom through their fangs that can include proteins and toxins powerful enough to immobilize their victims. Even as large humans, these substances are dangerous and have painful side effects, like nausea, headaches, fevers and chills.

Spiders often rank among an individual’s top fears because of their creepy features and perceived danger. The thought of them in the home might be stressful, and spiders are notorious for being a difficult pest to control.

You may run to the nearest store looking for spider repellant or control products. These may provide some temporary relief, but are typically ineffective for long-term and thorough solutions. Common spider traps and sprays are better viewed as a temporary treatment rather than true solutions and preventions.

Spider sprays can leave a sticky residue, and sticky traps aren’t a great solution for larger infestations. Instead, a spider spray company with the right products, knowledge and training can not only get spiders under control but provide important preventative measures that will continue to keep your home safe.

There are also certain steps a homeowner can take to keep their home and environment a little less attractive to our eight-legged friends.

  • Regular cleaning: Sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and regularly shaking out clothing or bedding that have sat in one place for some time is a good habit that helps keep spiders from getting comfortable.
  • Organize and declutter: Piles of paper, magazines and even storage boxes can provide nice housing for spiders. Take some time to sort through piles of newspapers or sitting paper products to prevent spiders from squatting.
  • Storage choices: As mentioned, spiders are small and can fit through even tiny cracks. That means cardboard boxes or crates are much easier for them to get inside rather than secure plastic or metal ones. If you have the opportunity, storing files and keepsakes in secure boxes can keep spiders out of your most important, sentimental things.

Getting your House Sprayed for Spiders Service Provided by Saela

With their unique features and spooky webs, spiders may never be the sort of house guest you look forward to. They’ll always be around as a part of our ecosystem and circle of life, but it’s perfectly natural - and safe - to want to protect your home from as many spiders as possible.

Keeping spiders outside of your home doesn’t have to be something you worry about endlessly or lose sleep over. With the superior spider spraying services offered at Saela, those webs don’t have to put you in a sticky situation again.

Get back to a web-free home with the services from a spider spray company in Colorado Springs, CO like Saela. Contact us today to get started!

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