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Irving did an awesome job and was very professional.
— Ed Schneidman
Posted November 29th 2021
The Saela team of technicians are always so professional! They do a great job of being flexible on scheduling and sending an after-treatment report. Would recommend their mosquito services, I haven’t had any issues with mosquitos this summer and can enjoy time in my yard.
— Michelle Saenz
Posted October 1st 2023
Made an appt to have the exterior of my home treated and they planned to do the contracted quarterly service early on the indoors at the same time. They were supposed to arrive between 8A and 12Noon. They failed to show. At 6pm, I get a text that they’re on their way and are 30 minutes away. I text back that I have to leave by 6:30. When I left at 6:30 his van was on my driveway, but I had to leave. So, I am ASSUMING he treated the exterior, but I received no text telling me what had been done. And I’ve received no call to schedule the interior service, either. Really unlike these guys. (At least my regular guy.) Don’t know what happened here.
— GailL
Posted January 7th 2022
Very nice and great quality and customer service. Always on time and no fuss with anything. Extremely accommodating and can't say enough great stuff with their customer service, in person and with the site! LOVE THEM!!!!
— Laura Fields
Posted September 23rd 2021
They take pictures of any problem areas and send to you. They will make suggestions and ask if you have anything specific you want targeted.
— Erika Pierce
Posted September 21st 2023
My only complaint is that the technician was supposed to come at 4 and showed app at 5 . I was not home from work yet and my son had to go in late to work to stay. the Tech sprayed around the top of the house but did not inform my son he was going to do so, and all the windows and doors were open. The spray got inside and my son had to clean it up. The nest was not removed yet. The tech said someone has to come back with a longer stick.
— Jackie Manning
Posted September 20th 2023
After we moved last year, we unfortunately realized the previous owner had mice activity that was not disclosed. I hired, at a pretty hefty price, Mice Mob to take care of this. They didn't perform the work that they promised and the problem got worse. I hired Saela to provide pest control maintenance and I have been very happy with their work. When I realized Mice Mob didn't do the work I paid for, I reached out to Saela for mice control/erradication. Their service was amazing! They explained in detail what needed to be done, how it would be done, who would perform it and when. Tyler, site supervisor, led an amazing team who worked diligently to get rid of this problem. I had questions throughout the process and Tyler was available and quick to respond. They came back to check some areas that I had questions about, and they also told me that their work came with a warranty, reinspection, and solving any issues moving forward. Tyler personally supervised the team's work and followed up with me. He is extremely professional, attentive to detail, and he went out of his way to guarantee high quality work and amazing customer service. This experience with Saela, Tyler, and his team, confirmed my decision that this is the company I want to use for pest control moving forward. Kudos to all of them!!
— Marcella Watkins
Posted September 19th 2023
— jose magana
Posted September 16th 2023
Fred was a terrific team member!
— Clayton Miller
Posted September 15th 2023
My technician is fantastik. I haf a wasp nest and he safely neutralized it in 2 minutes! Very knowlegable and professional! Theyre my prst control futm and I use them quarterly.
— Melissa Hovey
Posted September 10th 2023
They provide excellent and very professional service. Highly recommend them!
— Vishrut Shah
Posted September 3rd 2023
They answer the phone when you call and solve whatever issue I have.
— Larry Martin
Posted September 1st 2023
Most definitely got the job done
— latoya holman
Posted August 31st 2023
Tyler was very knowledgeable, our problem was small ants in kitchen. He put drops around n they dove on it! I'll c if they come back tomorrow n then clean off counters. I feel so buggy when I even look at countries, i hope they r gone!!!!!
— Jan Wasek
Posted August 30th 2023
Best service visit yet. This tech was on their game.
— Keith Blaylock
Posted August 27th 2023
Super service, Tech was knowledgeable, efficient and professional
— Richard McAndrews
Posted August 19th 2023
Expensive but Great service!
— Kathi Julison
Posted August 13th 2023
They billed for the job but they didn’t do the work
Posted August 12th 2021
Wonderful service! Explained everything to me, listened to my concerns and completed the service to fit my needs.
— Terri Simon
Posted August 6th 2023
Was concerned and came within hours.
— Carol
Posted August 5th 2023
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