The Most Common Winter Pests

If you're searching for rodent control or a professional exterminator for any winter pests, Saela is here to help. We also offer a Pest Protection Program that prevents pests from becoming an issue. There are a few steps you can take as a homeowner to prevent pests from taking winter refuge in your home. With preventative home measurements and professional pest inspections, you'll be pest-free year round.

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Start The New Year Pest Free

Last month, we discussed why pest control should be part of regular home maintenance. Keeping your home clean and healthy means eliminating the threats that pests present. From tiny ants to scurrying rodents, pests pose various levels of harm to you and your loved ones.

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Preparing for a Pest-Free Holiday

Pests can quickly ruin the good cheer of the holiday season. There are a few easy steps you can take to prevent these uninvited guests from showing up during your holiday party.

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Why Pest Control Should Be Part of Regular Home Maintenance

As you check HVAC filters, search for leaks, reapply caulking, and perform other monthly home maintenance chores, are you remembering to check pest control off your list? Unfortunately, most homeowners don't think about pest control until it's too late. But pest control is meant to control pest activity, or prevent pests from ever becoming a problem. Preventing pests is much easier, and less expensive, than exterminating them, just as maintaining your water heater is much simpler than replacing it. Homeowners should include year-round pest control as part of their regular home maintenance to ensure a safe, comfortable home.

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The Life Cycle of a Spider

At Saela, we consider the life cycle of every pest before we begin extermination. We have Associate Certified Entomologists on staff that are experts at pest identification and incredible sources of knowledge on pest life cycles. With their assistance, our pest service technicians can expertly calculate the type and amount of product needed and when and how to target pests. Spiders represent a real threat to homeowners, particularly the venomous ones, and our spider extermination service takes life cycle and spider habits into account. With spider experts on our side, we can offer a comprehensive, successful spider extermination service!

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