Pest Control Myths Debunked

As with any long-standing enterprise, the pest control industry has seen many myths crop up throughout the decades. And while most seem harmless at first, placing confidence in them for too long could have disastrous results for your home and family. Educating yourself on what is truth and what is fiction will help you make the right decisions if your home ever comes under attack from unwelcome intruders.

1. Clean Homes Won’t Attract Pests

A prevailing misconception amidst homeowners is that clean homes won’t attract pests. As a result, when people discover a pest infestation within their homes they often think it means they’re bad at cleaning. This isn’t necessarily the case. While pests and rodents are certainly more enticed by dirty homes with easy access to food sources and clutter to shelter them, this doesn’t mean that clean homes will interest them any less. If they can find a way inside, it won’t matter whether the home is immaculate or filthy; they’ll enter undeterred in search of food, warmth, moisture, and safety. While keeping a clean home is certainly a good practice to keep and can help in pest prevention, don’t cling to it as the best solution against pest infestation.

2. It’s Easy to Tell If You Have Pests

This is an understandable belief; you would think that a pest infestation in your home would be immediately noticeable, but most pests are surprisingly skillful at hiding their existence. Because their survival heavily depends upon their ability to live within your home and pilfer from your resources unseen, they’ve learned to be much sneakier than we give them credit for. Significant amounts of damage can be done before you’ve even had a chance to realize they’re there. Proper and regular inspection from a professional pest control company is necessary to expose hidden pest infestations that are virtually invisible to the average homeowner who doesn’t know to look for them.

3. Pest Control Endangers Children and Pets

Some people avoid pest control due to rumors that the chemicals used by companies to remove pests put humans (particularly children) and pets in danger, but this is an over-exaggeration. While it’s a true fact that some chemicals can be harmful to both humans and animals, most pest control companies use methods, products and technologies that are pet and human-friendly. If any potentially harmful chemicals are applied, they are handled intelligently and responsibly by professional specialists along with any other pesticides they utilize. If you have children or pets, the technicians will be sure to list safety precautions or adjust methods before treatment ever begins on your property.

4. Pets Keep Pests Away

While your cat might snatch the occasional rodent from the basement, that doesn’t mean they’re a predator relentless enough to replace an exterminator. It’s unreasonable to rely solely on your family pet for scaring pests away from the home. Many domesticated pests have little desire for chasing pests, let alone going out of their way enough to catch them, and even if your pet in particular has an affinity for pest prowling they could never catch every intruder within your home. Pests can escape into small hiding spots that your cat or dog can’t reach, such as underneath floorboards or inside the walls.

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