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At 115 million years old, bed bugs are one of the world's oldest pests. Bed bugs were even mentioned by Aristotle in ancient Greece around 400 BC. While our ancestors often believed bed bugs held medicinal properties that could cure hysteria, thanks to modern-day science and research, we now know much better. Unfortunately, now bed bugs are extremely common and have spread all over the world. It is believed the advent of electric heating systems has allowed bed bugs to spread and survive in winter months.

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Why Bed Bug Treatment Matters

While the likelihood of a bed bug bite doing permanent damage to you is minimal, they can harm you in other serious ways. Typically, a Bed Bug bite will leave a red irritated area that will itch severely. These bites are very similar in appearance and symptoms to mosquito bites and can be very embarrassing as they usually appear on arms, legs, and torso. Bed Bugs have also been directly linked to psychological issues such as anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Bed bug pest control is vital to keeping your home clean and safe from these nuisances. These pests are very resilient and require the best Bed Bug Exterminator around. At Saela, we have a specially designed plan that can exterminate these pests. Saela works directly with the NPMA and has multiple full-time entomologists on staff to ensure that our bed bug treatment strategy is the best around. Call Saela today to get pricing.

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Things to keep in mind with Bed Bug Exterminators

  • Seeing increased activity after your first bed bug treatment is normal as the process has agitated their living area.
  • Despite their namesake, bed bugs do not live exclusively in beds.
  • Bed bugs and fleas can move around your home by attaching themselves to pets or cloth.
  • Safe bed bug treatments are a process and take regular applications to work correctly. Patience is key to removing the issue.
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