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Why Are Spiders Hard to Exterminate?

Spiders are a unique pest. Not only are they predators, but they have eight legs, can shoot silken webs out of their abdomen, and manage to find their way into even the cleanest of homes.

Finding a spider or two doesn’t mean you have an infestation, but it’s always wise to start thinking about spider control before you find a swarm. Just a few spiders can quickly become thousands since their egg sacs contain a ton of hatchlings.

Prevention is key, which is why searching for a spider exterminator near you once you’ve found an infestation can work - but may not be the best approach. Instead of finding a spider exterminator only when you notice a problem, consistent pest control services like those offered at Saela are more effective at keeping your home safe and web-free.

Spiders are one of the hardest - if not the hardest - pests to get rid of due to their size; not to mention the sheer volume of spiders around. Understanding spiders is complicated and eliminating them in your home is complex. It takes a trained specialist to diagnose and offer proper remedies.

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What Makes Spiders Unique

Have you ever removed a spider web and what you believed to be an eight-legged pest, only to come back a day later to an ever larger web? Spiders are a unique creature that have some characteristics making it difficult to remove them yourself.

Spiders are predators by nature, but instead of hunting for prey like some other pests or creatures, they build traps in key locations and wait for the prey to come to them. Sometimes this even includes other spiders! Often, these webs are in tricky places that are hard to reach, making it difficult to remove them - and get the actual spider, not just the web. It’s also why sticky traps don’t always catch the spider you need it to.

Spiders are phenomenal predators. The giant house spider is actually one of the fastest invertebrates and can run up to half a metre per second. Not only are the speedy movers, but they’re speedy builders. It takes the average spider just one hour to construct a web; ripping the sticky strings down is only a minor inconvenience for these creatures.

If you’ve tried any store-bought or DIY products, you may have noticed that they don’t always do the job. Did you know that spiders walk around on the tips of their legs? And that they have hairy legs? These combined factors make it difficult for regular or homemade repellents to sufficiently penetrate and remove the spider since their bellies and faces don’t necessarily come in contact with the product as easily as other pests’.

Along with their natural behavior, unlike other pests or critters, spiders wait for their food source to come to them and don’t eat just anything. That means tainted food or sprays don’t always do the job when it comes to spiders, since they don’t ingest just anything they come in contact with.

Identifying Spider Sacs

Another reason spiders can be difficult to fully remove yourself is because simply removing a spider from the home doesn’t mean more aren’t already there or on the way. Did you know a single female spider can lay up to 250 eggs in a single sac, and up to 4,000 in her entire lifetime? That’s a lot of arachnids.

Spider sacs are often brown or white, round, oblong or flat, and are typically hidden in hard-to-reach areas. Spiders have a unique life cycle that involves three stages: egg, nymph and adult. It’s hard to tell what kind of spider you’re dealing with based on a nymphs, since they’re essentially very tiny baby spiders, and even knowing what kind of adult spider is in your house can be hard to tell since many common house spiders are similar in appearance.

Keeping an eye out for spider sacs and having them properly removed can help keep any additional spiders out of the home. Once you start having these little spiders everywhere, an infestation becomes more likely.

Some spiders place their sacs on their webs, while others prefer the underside of objects, or even branches and leaves. They usually aim for an area that is likely to be undisturbed, which is why it can be tricky to spot them in your home. Sticky traps and insecticides aren’t very useful at getting rid of spider sacs, which is why long-term treatment plans are a more sure way to see results.

Should You Hire Professional Spider Control?

Spiders are a diverse species and different circumstances attract them to your home. Typically, spiders just want a place where they can get food, water, and stay hidden. Their unique makeup and behavior patterns make most store-bought products, including smelly, unsightly sticky traps, ineffective for a whole-house solution. Keep in mind, some spiders are more dangerous than others, so it’s wise to seek professional expertise to keep your home safe and everyone healthy.

Searching for a spider exterminator should start even before you see a few spiders. Professional spider control comes with what a DIY solution can’t: professional, tested products applied with expertise and knowledge.

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